Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


Jerry – which did you find tannic or astringent? Which did you like the best?


Can’t speak much to the tannic ones, as I’m not a cider maker and have avoided those. The varieties that likely descended from Niedzwetzkyana - Redfield, Burford Red Flesh, the Hansen crosses like Almata and Winekist - tend to be darker-fleshed and more tart. Those descended from Surprise, chiefly the Etter crosses, tend toward lighter flesh and are less tart (though still tart in comparison to more conventional apples).

The ones I’ve liked best so far in my climate are Pink Pearl and Mott’s Pink (early) and Pink Parfait and Christmas Pink (late). I’ll get to sample a couple more for the first time this season: Red Devil and Devonshire Quarrenden.


Great, thanks for the intel!


Perhaps you could send me a couple of fruits sometime? (Be glad to pay for the shipping.)

Then I could decide if it’s sweet!


I think Red Vein is fairly sweet; I eat them fresh. It’s not overwhelming, but it tastes good. I suppose I could send you one!


How large is the “red vein”…golf ball?


Yeah, they’re about golf-ball-sized. They were an amazing addition to the cider I just tapped though!


Did it set some fruit?


No. I hand pollinated it with one pollen variey. The flowers fell off. Next year, I will make sure I hand pollinate it with pollen from several varieties.


In looking back on this thread, I find it needful to say there are two successful Otterson grafts, both on Geneva 30. At this point they will probably go to an orchard where friends want to make cider. I will report on their progress.
When the buds opened, I feared they might not be Otterson, for the newest growth was a pale green. Within two weeks color began to show. They are obviously red-fleshed, judging by all the color in the leaves now.
When I finally get my own cell phone (gasp!) I will take photos & show you folks what I see. That day hasn’t come yet.


I have one nice Otterson, from 2019, and I put it on Antonovka (should have put it on B-118). So, I may be waiting awhile. (I think I did a B-9 or something and the graft failed last year.)

I think I’m going to be looking for Burford Redflesh to add to my collection this winter. And maybe some more from Russia if I can locate some. May resort to the Government repository.


Just for info a new red fleshed apple on the UK market called Trinity



I’d put a bud or graft of it on my Frankentree if I had access to it.


Gray: that Trinity looks like a winner. Thanks for posting. Now, who will get that across the Atlantic? I don’t know the procedure.


Might be good, but that sales description reads like an ad for snake oil. Pretty blatantly BS when the nursery claims “compatible with all popular rootstocks” immediately followed by “will tolerate most soils and situations”. Their list of pros includes “high in tannins”, but it somehow requires little to no sugar for pie. And no need to peel, as the skin “dissolves” when cooked!

But yeah, I’d still graft it if I could get scion :grinning:


@Uygi, thats exactly what i was thinking. Nothing made sense in their description.


Baya marisa red flesh apples :yum:


Nice apples! I have 30 red fleshed varieties currently, but don’t have that one at the moment.
Bought it 3 times, starting in 2014 or 15…and they allways woke up so early freezes killed not just the leaves but the tree. (I had them in pots.)

Actually I was checking on apples earlier today, and put Odysso, Red Devil and an extra of Niedzwetzkyana into larger pots.


I just have red devil, odysso and baya marisa. For now just eat this one. My other trees have fruit but not matured yet. This year all of them are small because we got too much hot temp and low humidity. I like them a lot!



Flavor profile?