Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


Well a flavour thing is always subjective, but for me is simmilar to grany smith but less tart and a bit more sweet. It’s great to eat out of hand.


I think my two red love odysso trees are getting crazy, both are pushing flower buds now!


Interestingly weird😊



Really really weird! And both of them doing it! What do you think it can be? Hot temperatures? I’m just watering them very rarely… and no fertilizing too.


When did you put them in the ground.
What zone did they come from.
Maybe their biological clock is adjusting.



They came from an italian nursery. I put them on ground last year, it’s the first year they have apples.


Sometimes weird things happen. Last year my Winecrisp apple bloomed normally. But then in the Fall it set a single bloom. Why it decided to set a single bloom in the Fall I have no idea.


My Redfield has a bloom today. (Odysso do not).


My two apple trees are doing the same thing. And they are pollinated with small apples! What is going on the heat?


My young Redfields (from Cummins this year) all flowered amazing showy blooms. The blooms were pretty late, so I figure they were just adjusting their seasonal clocks. No fruitlets.

I have noticed that my red fleshed apples seem unusually bloom-y when young, but they don’t seem to set fruit any earlier than other types. Maybe an inherited trait from niedzwetzkyana? Although I feel like my niedzwetzkyana is the exception that doesn’t seem to bloom like the others…


Niedzwetzkyana seem to be variable for some reason. One tree probably 100 apples 4th season on M111, and another just two apples so far in 8 years…and only 8 feet high on M111.

I’ve got a mighty pretty whip grafted this year on G202.


Red devil apples… Very little on first year


Nice. How is the flavor and texture?


Didn’t eat any yet… will try it tomorrow and will post a pic.


Good that it picked up some early ripening traits from Discovery, which can be picked and eaten now here in zone 8 Pacific Northwest.


My Red Devil apples have good taste. They are acid and sweet. More acid than Baya Marisa, but good to eat out of hand.


Looks delicious and juicy, I love the speckling and what strange seeds!


Thanks. The seeds are red like in Baya marisa apples. The tree is small and this is the first time they have fruits.


My Red love odysso trees flowering like mad!


Redlove Calypso ™
Tree source: One Green World.
Planted: Approx Jan or Feb, 2020 before the pandemic
Size of tree: About 5 feet tall now. I let 3 blossoms develop fruit.
Size of apple - like a silver dollar. Bigger than crab apple, more like plum size.

I don’t think you can judge a lot about size and flavor, from a fruit that developed during the first leaf of a bare root, mail order tree. The fruit is an interesting color - I think the redness is flesh color showing through a skin that is not really red. Seen in cross section, that skin appears green. It’s been hot, and maybe the fruit fell off before fully ripening.

Flavor - compare with pineapple or grapefruit. Very tart. Like a sour candy. I did not appreciate any of the reported “berry flavor”. Again, maybe not fully ripe - even my Gravensteins are not ripe yet - or an issue of first year. I don’t usually like sour fruit, but I found this really refreshing. There are still two apples on the tree, so we’ll see what happens when they are fully ripe.

I wondered if there would be astringency or bitterness. I did not detect either of those, just tart and some sweetness.

The seeds were hot pink. I saved them, placed into the fridge in a ziplock with moist paper towel. This blossom was pollinated by a columnar tree, Golden Sentinel. I would like to grow them out but have no idea how that is best done.

My Redlove Era also has two apples. I have no idea when they will be ripe.

(Edit - I changed to a smaller file size for the photos)