F2 peach x Almond hybrids

This is what an F2 Peach x Almond hybrid looks like.



It looks like I’m getting a red-leaf peach x almond hybrid seedling!

I already have a name for this interspecific: Calired.

There’s a second one with red leaves.

A possible apricot x (almond x peach) hybrid?

History in the making for stone fruit rootstocks?

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Peach x Almond hybrid seedling.

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Is peach/almond germination hypogeal? I would have never guessed that.

These are the future rootstocks that my hybrids are going to be grafted onto.

I think that the fat seedling might be a three-way hybrid. It either has apricot or myrobalan plum in its parentage.

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Calired peach x almond hybrid seedling.

My second red-leaf peach x almond hybrid seedlings.

Peach x Almond Interspecific hybrid seedlings.

What do you think about my red-leaf peach x almond hybrid seedlings?


You going to grow out the rootstocks to see if they fruit something interesting?

I’m going to let the two red ones and the one that is next to red one develop into full grown trees. The rest of them, I’m going to graft my future hybrids onto them.

Interspecific Almonds:
Almond x (Peach x Almond) or 75% Almond, 25% Peach.


The new gene pool.

The good news is that my peachmond tree is self-fertile.

The bad news is that the flowers self-pollinated way before I hand-pollinated them with Apricot and Myrobalan plum pollen.


The red ones resemble like Root-pac 70 rootstock.

Those look good @itheweatherman. I’m starting to get germination and growth on some of mine as well. How many seedlings will you be growing out this year?

About 20 seedlings.