F2 peach x Almond hybrids


Hope you get something interesting. That’s about the number I grew out last year. We’ll see how much germination I get this year but I should probably have about the same. Mine are primarily for rootstocks though. I’d like to get some more stone fruit scions this year to have enough interesting breeding stock to start doing specific crosses.



A third red-leaf seedling is starting to germinate.


For some reason, I have the impression that the members in here are not impressed at these hybrids anymore. They probably say, “These hybrids are possible, nothing new, they can be created,” just like touch-screen phone technology. If I had posted this in 2005, many would be amazed at these hybrids.

(I’m not offended, just curious).


It’s still early in the development of your hybrids and there hasn’t been much time to really see the results yet. I imagine you’ll get more interest when you start getting a lot of fruit from the various crosses and can compare and cull out winners from losers. I think the Nadia thread proved that people are still very interested in hybrids with promising fruit characteristics but maybe the disappointing results (so far) with Nadia have everyone taking more of a wait and see approach.

I’m still interested in seeing the progress as you continue though and I’m sure others are too.I’m looking forward to seeing the updates.


What does the red leaf signify?


Yes, my thoughts, in a few years, show us what you got and you bet if it’s good we will be interested. As far as rootstocks, we have some great peach rootstocks already. Lovell works very well for me. I’m not looking for anything new. Plus rootstocks need to come true to seed to actually be marketed as rootstocks. So if you’re looking to develop commercial rootstocks, you need to stabilize the best of them. That may take a decade.
Another option would be to keep the parents to continuously make F1 hybrids, such as they do with tomato hybrids.


For me personally I think the hybrids are neat but in this case almond kind of decreases my interest. The fruit is inedible from what I remember. I enjoy hearing more about the resultant edible fruits. If you can hybridize and make any cherry cross that doesn’t have plum in it I’ll be the most interested person on this site! Lol. I’m waiting for you to make a Cheach, Chericot, Cherririne! That will pack my interest. BTW, I called dibs on those names, 20% of royalties will go to me :slight_smile:


Honestly, I don’t feel excited anymore about these hybrids because I know that they are possible to create.

I’m going feel excited when one of my hybrids turns out to be a great tasting fruit and everyone in here approves it for its great tasting flavor.


I’m planning to trademark my future cherry x plum hybrids “Kingberries,” and possibly the Peach x Cherry hybrids “Pecheberries.”


For the meantime, here are my Peach x Almond hybrid seedlings.


To be honest, I don’t know.


I appreciate your perseverance, the only chance to find the Holy Grail.
Please go for it!


Keep it going. I like seeing your updates and what is new.


I agree with Bill, I don’t always comment, but I do read the post and enjoy the photos. Each seedling has the potential to be something special.


I’m wondering where the red comes from - not from the almond, I’d say - maybe the peach? Or a recessive gene in both?

Plums have red, but there is none in this cross, I gather


Plums seem to dominate every hybrid they become part of so as far as I’m concerned they can be left out. Lol


It seems that the red gene is activated after the peach is hybridized with another species such as almonds and plums. We can clearly see this trait on Spice Zee Nectaplum, Rootpac-20 rootstock, Citation, and with my peach x almond hybrids.

This gene is also present in non-peach hybrids such as Bonfire and Sunset Peach. @SteveM, also has a red-leave peach tree.


Makes me wonder what other traits are carried on the same gene


Even the peach is starting to dominate these almond backcrosses even though they are 3/4 almond and 1/4 peach.

They are Almond x (Peach x Almond) or Luna Peachmond, pollen parent, x F1 Nonpareil Almond, seed parent.