F2 peach x Almond hybrids


Self-pollinating traits.

I wonder if can create a red almonds from these red-leave hybrids?


I’ll be impressed if the fruit or nuts are good. Not impressed that there are seedlings with different color leaves.

It’s puzzling to me that you name fruit trees having never tasted the fruit. Talks of trademarks, and what the resultant fruit might taste like, seem way premature.


I have to think ahead of time. LOL.


You might use up all of the good names.


I have a question, If I create edible interspecific hybrids, should I do backcrosses, or should I leave them alone? What I mean is leave them as 50/50 hybrids?

Take these almond backcrosses, for example, they are 3/4 almond, and1/4 peach, or peachmond, pollen parent, x F1 Nonpareil Almond, seed parent, and yet, they are starting to look more like peach trees than almond trees.


I do not have a direct answer, but my initial reaction was to look at the patents for interspecifics and see if there is a general practice producing those (presumably favorable) results.


If the original parents of the hybrid have traits you want that aren’t expressed in your hybrid, it might be worth back crossing to see if you can bring them out. It really depends on what your goals are I guess. What’s your goal with this particular hybrid?


I want to create a self-pollinating almond.


It looks like back crossing with almond is how Zaiger does it so it’s probably a good plan, especially if you are seeing a lot of peach traits since you really just want the self fertility. Of course, screening a large group of seedlings for the desirable traits will be important as well.



Such different sizes!


I planted this seedling from my F1 Nonpareil Almond. It’s an open-pollinated seedling. The phenotype resembles little bit like that of a peach.


I really had trouble keeping my peach seedlings from runting last year when I sprouted them in little starter cups like that. In fact one that came up in the compost pile that was months younger was bigger by the end of the summer. Do you repot you’d as they grow frequently?


Yes, I repot them as they get taller.


These Almond seedlings are starting to look more like peach seedlings than Almond seedlings. They originated from my F1 Nonpareil Almond.


^ The possible pollen parent could be my Flavor Top Nectarine, or my neighbor’s peach trees.


how does one grow root stock? how do you know the graft will take?


I gave propagated them seed and cuttings.

It is comptatible with Myrobalan seedling.Uploading…


Hey @itheweatherman, how long did you cold stratify your seeds for?


For three months.