F2 peach x Almond hybrids


Survival of the fittest.


Any peach or almond or hybrid can be used as rootstock, you don’t do anything special, just use the tree for rootstock. Bud or graft scion unto it. No worries about graft taking. Peaches and almonds are almost identical genetically. All peaches will pollinate almonds, and vice versa.


Well this is something you don’t see every day. So is it gonna make peaches or almonds. Perhaps fruity nuts…


I was wondering the same thing too.

What could come from a peach x almond.

I would love to see more cherry x plums myself


Peach x almonds has been used to produce almonds that are hardier and can be grown farther north. Such as Hall’s Hardy almond. The almonds are stronger tasting, and not as good, but are still almonds further north than before.
For rootstock not sure? Many rootstock used for peach like Lovell are genetically stable so self fertile fruits grow true to type. You can buy Lovell seeds to grow your own rootstock. Citation and Lovell in my yard have withstood -16F without a blink. Now the scion may not survive this brutal cold, but the rootstocks do!


Does this make the almond have a shorter life like as to a peach tree? What I mean is Peach trees at least around here don’t necessarily live that long compared to say an apple or pear.


That is an excellent question! I don’t know?


Most peach x almonds are used as drought tolerant rootstocks, and some are used as breeding stock as crossbacks with almonds to create self-pollinating almonds.


Yeah no doubt Dave Wilson/Zaiger made a bundle with their self fertile almond. They produce millions of them every year. Crossing back also is going to improve almond quality. You know I eat a handful of raw almonds everyday. In the 1930’s one doctor I forgot his name? Said these are super fruits as far as health benefits. In recent years with much more research being done, is collaborating that view. He was right!


I love almonds. I like to prepare mine with Jalapeno salsa andsalt, then I dry them for one day.


That sounds good! I have dried green jalapeno powder (home grown and dried), bet I could maybe flavor them with it. I have to think about it.


I have had a peach tree and a halls hardy almond in ground here for twenty years. The peach is starting to show some age. The halls was crushed by a falling silver maple about ten years ago. I cut it off at 24 inches and it regrew from above the graft. It does not show as much age as the peach but most of was regenerated after the crushing so that may be part of it.


Calired will be flowering soon.


What do you hope to learn about it this year?


The genectics of F2 hybrids.


Then there is chocolate


Calired interspecific peach is starting to flower.

Luna peachmond flowers for comparasion.


Calired interspecific peach has finally fruited. I pollinated these fruits with Luna peachmond and the rest, not pictured, with Myrobalan plum.


Now to hope it ripens


Looking good. Keep us posted.