F2 peach x Almond hybrids


Calired Interspecific peach.


Nice. Is the DWN 2020 Highlights page just about ready?


Not yet.


Here they are again, Calired interspecific peaches. Eventhough they have almond in their parentage, they have no resemblance of almond in their phenotype at all. Could this be the same reason pluots don’t resemble an apricot?


Have you tasted them?


Not yet.


It looks like they will ripen in July. You should protect them from birds and the like fairly soon. Will they have red flesh?


Here they are again, (peach x almond) x unknown pollen.


Have you try to taste it? Any good?



Nope. I think they still have a month to go.


Looks like it is starting to ripen.


Nice color.hope it tastes good


Wondering if the nuts will be edible


Based on its phenotype, the unknown pollen parent is probably a peach, so that makes it 3/4 peach, so most likely the seeds will be bitter.


I finally tasted Calired Interspecific peach today.

It was a little bit acidic. The flavor was between an unripe peach and apricot. Part of the flesh was part mush and other part crunchy.

I originated Calired interspecific peach from a cross between Luna peachmond, seed parent, x unknown pollen.

I originated Luna peachmond from a cross between F1 Nonpareil Almond, seed parent, x Elberta peach, pollen parent.

I originally thought that the unknown pollen was a peach, however, due to the seed shape and apricot taste, I suspect that it could be an apricot?


Thanks for the update.


I picked another Calired Interspecific peach today and it was actually good. It tasted like a donut peach with a little bit of acidity and a slightly crunchy flesh.


I’ve been observing the fruit and pit shape and the evidence points out to that the pollen parent is sweet bagel peach. Both sweet bagel and luna peachmond bloomed at the same time, so most likely, a bee pollinated luna’s flowers with sweet bagel peach, so this makes Calired 75% peach and 25% almond. And I pollinated Calired’s flowers with Myrobalan plum pollen, if the cross is successful, the next generation seedings will be 50% plum, 37.50% peach, and 12.50% almond.


And one seed is open-pollinated


This kernel from Calired is starting to germinate. I pollinated it with Myrobalan plum pollen.