Favorite seed catalogs?


I’m knee deep in planning my planting stuff for my Urban Farm and I want to hear what everyone’s favorite seed catalogs are. So far I really like Twilley and Johnny’s. What are y’alls?


Getting ready for 2019 season

Baker Creek for sure :slight_smile:


I’ll check em out!


Tomato Growers Supply Company

Johnny’s Selected Seeds




Pine tree garden seeds


One more vote for Baker Creek.

I wish they added lot more new stuff every year though…


In my opinion Baker Creek is about hype and high prices.


Amen. Real farmers don’t buy from baker creek.


I like to read their website since they tend to have a lot of detailed customer reviews about varieties. Makes it fairly easy to compare. And for a small order, their shipping is reasonable.
Some friends hate BC and said the seeds wouldn’t germinate but I’ve never had a problem.
Johnny’s Select Seeds gave me fits the one time I ordered from them, and then got their website hacked and my CC stolen!


Like Fedco Seeds. It sells a lot more beyond seeds. Their description of each variety often has interesting story to it. Advice and info on fruit trees is also worth reading.


I can’t believe nobody has mention High Mowing Seeds yet. All organic. Good prices. And offers seed in sizes from packets to pounds


Territorial Seed Company, Totally Tomatoes, Seeds & Such, along with Jung Seeds & Plants are a few I like to thumb through.


If you’re ever in cottage grove, OR make sure you stop in the Territorial Seed Store. Browse through the packets of seeds and interesting tools they sell. Plus they have a decent nursery.


Baker Creek curates their reviews. I left a negative review on some tomatoes that weren’t true to type and it was deleted. I’ve had poor germination and seeds not true to type. They have a pretty catalog, but I don’t order from them. Johnny’s is my number 1 source, I also like High Mowing and Southern Exposure though they aren’t as diverse as Johnny’s.


Baker Creek is also full of scare tactics about non-GMO seeds. The truth is you can’t buy GMO seeds without signing a contract, paying a patent fee, and in some states having an agricultural license.


I got a couple older types of sweet corn form Urban Farmer Seeds (www.ufseeds.com) this year. An apropos name.


Hmm, I’ve left negative but informative reviews and they were posted. I don’t use anything as my sole source of information. I read and compare several sources before doing what I wanted to anyway!
@Richard Many places distort the GMO issue on way or the other. Those that support the nonGMO pledge often don’t make clear that they are trying to avoid doing business with companies that also sell GMOs, even if the consumer product isn’t itself GMO. I do understand what a GMO is and is not. I made it a point to educate myself when it became a popular issue.


Jordan seed in Minneapolis is my fave. One line description and the price, cheap. But you have to buy bulk quantity.
Harris is second, Stokes and Johnnys get the rest of my business


By places, I take it you mean seed sellers. What’s the other way?

For seed sellers, this means they don’t enter into contracts to buy GMO seeds. It has nothing to do with whether their suppliers offer GMO seeds.