Favorite seed catalogs?


Proponents of GMOs will often say “Humans have been genetically modified plants and animals for thousands of years,” and then describe the process of either hybridization or selection. This is misleading and , I think, contributes to anti-GMoers getting confused.
Regarding the safe seed pledge, I guess I was mistaken. Some sellers do claim not to deal with GMO sellers at all; perhaps I conflated them.


I’ll second High Mowing Seeds as a great vendor. While I mostly try heirloom and OP types, I tried a couple of the FI hybrids they were recommending on their “new” page, 1 jalapeno and one carrot, and they were both very productive. I’ve also had great experiences with Territorial Seeds and Johnny’s. For your farm I imagine you want to buy in larger quantities than small packets, so all of those offer larger volumes of seed.

@wildscaper, one suggestion for your farm might be when you buy larger volumes of seeds they are so much cheaper that you might be able to offer little sample packets of any extras of the types you choose to grow to “satellite” farms at schools, scouts, etc. for their garden projects, or even to help jump start some community garden efforts in the area. It would be great if people seeing your varieties growing in the local environment could have a quick and easy way to get them for other community gardening efforts. It would only cost your project a tiny amount since the per seed prices are so cheap for larger orders. In fact, maybe one of those companies might give you the extra seeds just for the marketing value.

I’m sure you’ve more than got your hands full and I don’t know if this creates other issues, but just thought I’d mention it.


We’re talking about seed sellers here. I’ve never seen a consumer seed catalog promoting GMO seeds.


Johnny’s here - then Territorial


Sorry. Didn’t realize that was too OT.


I like Bakers and not had a problem so far. I ordered onion seeds from Fedco and they germinated VERY poorly in comparison to other onion varieties I was starting at the same time. Tried them twice and lost lots of time. I let them know by email and their response was basically, OK we will send you more with a ‘different’ germination rate. Well, they must have known what the germination rate was of their seeds to send me one with a ‘different’ germination rate. Kinda steared me away from them although their prices are good. Johnnys is on the high end, and I can usually find what I want elsewhere.


I was looking for small cheap packets of seeds of corn and Jung had great prices. They sell fruit trees and bushes too.
For tomatoes and such
Sample seed shop, Victory seeds, Seed Savers exchange, Seeds of Italy, and Wild Boar Farms


Seeds of Italy, Territorial and seed savers exchange. I do miss Renees seeds ( was Sheperds Seeds).


Yes, thanks for the reminder @mrsg47 – I love Seeds Of Italy too!


Another fan of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and also Sand Hill Preservation Center. I do enjoy perusing some of the more unusual seeds Baker Creek offers as well as feedback on their site that is region specific.


We are already doing this and have helped create or sustain 5 local community gardens! Thank you fro the suggestions and please keep them coming.



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As much as I like Baker Creek, I’ve had a handful of situations where the seeds weren’t true to type. For the most part the germination has been high though. I mostly like the amount of seeds they give, almost double what the minimum seed count should be. Seed Savers is generous as well. Johnny’s is stingy in that way though.


I have found they often have a slightly larger packet size for very little extra money. I actually just ordered some Swiss Chard, regular packet of 250 was 3.85 or so, but 1000 seeds was 4.70. No brainer!

I agree their core stuff (tomatoes, peppers, etc) can be a little pricier.


Interesting, I typically buy quite abit of seed from Fedco. Over the years I do run into one packet not germinating well and Fedco has always offered a refund or replacement. Did they not offer you a refund Anne?


No, just a replacement pkt with the ‘different’ germination rate, which I rec’d and the germination was better. I didn’t care for a refund, I wanted seeds that germinated. That year I lost time in getting seedlings to maturity to plant out, about 8 weeks, since I tried 2X myself, then emailed, waited for seeds to come, and reseeded - more heavily. I know sometimes this happens.
My point is, they must have known the germination rate before they sent them out to be able to say that they will send out some with a ‘different’ germination rate.


Man this has turned into a great topic! Thanks for all the input. I’ll be ordering lots more catalogs for sure.



I like West Coast seeds and Baker Creek.

ETA west coast does ship to the US


Burpee arrived today :slight_smile: