Feijoa for containers, z7a?

Hey all,

I’m considering getting some feijoa and putting them in containers, bringing them inside whenever temps look to dip below 15F in a night. Given that I’m in 7a, it seems I’d need some early ripening varieties.

Before I go off and order a set of 3 (for cross pollination) I was wondering if it’s even plausible for me to grow feijoa in my zone, or if the plants likely won’t get enough light to fruit reliably. If it is possible, does anyone have advice on the earliest ripening (or most cold hardy) varieties?


I think it will work well. Check out millennial gardener on youtube. He grows Feijoa a bit south of you – maybe half a zone warmer.


? would this be because the plants would be taken inside for perhaps a month’s worth of nights during the winter? This should not affect fruit production. I don’t think feijoa is as fussy about low light or drops leaves as readily as citrus from being seasonally moved around.

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I’ve just generally heard of people having issues with fruitset for feijoas and wasn’t sure if it was possibly a temperature, light, or season length kind of thing. Want to make sure I’ll actually get something from them before spending all the time and effort.

Get a grafted variety and most of these issues will be resolved. They even fruit in light challenged Seattle. If they can fruit here they can fruit in 95% of the rest of US.


They get quite large so they may not be ideal in containers. Hopefully they can set fruit with heavy pruning.

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They can be kept small for years with pruning. I know someone that grew it in LA for over 10 years in a pot.


Good to know! Thanks for sharing

Most blooms appear at the base of the previous year growth.
Pruning off 2nd-year growth will delay blooming for that branch.