Few late apples

Ugly but good. I only had a few blooms of Pink Lady, Sundowner, and Goldrush apples and they were mostly left alone to fend for themselves. No bagging, and no thinning. A few weeks later I checked and it looked like every bloom set a fruit. A few weeks later the fruit started pulling the limbs down so I did a few quick tie ups. For the last few weeks I have been picking an apple while walking through and they are a great tasting snacks. Smaller but still sweet and good. We have been getting a few nights of freezing temps so this afternoon I plucked the remaining ones off and put them in the refrigerator. I will probably bag these next year just to prevent the skin discoloration.


Picked my PL a week or two ago. One single GR left hanging - they’ve been tasty this year. Sundowner is coloring up and should be ready soon. That’s great that you had some GR survive the rot pressure. You know I’ve yet to eat one of my sundowner that has much flavor. How are yours tasting?


One more question, are your sundowner very small? Mine are Yates size - very small. I didn’t think they were known as small apple

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This year they are about the size of Yates but I didn’t thin them. Most years they get a little bigger.

I like the taste of Sundowner but to me PL and GR are a little better.

Yates is a small apple.

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Yes my Yates are small even with thinning, but I did not know sundowner was also small. I had never read that anywhere. I could have missed it. Small isn’t really a problem but some of these Yates and SD are tiny.i also have read sundowner is very good eating, close to as good as it’s sibling pink lady. But mine are very weak flavored and nowhere near PL. I got the scion from singing tree. The shape of the apple looks kind of like PL and lady williams it’s parent, and the harvest timing is also true to type so it’s probably the real mccoy

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To me, those are as pretty as they come.