Figs 2022

New thread since the last one was getting a little bit long. I up potted several of my figs this morning from 10 to 20 gallons. Also have a pic of the Galicia Negra fig. Not sure I will keep this variety. It’s very sweet, but boring flavor profile.



Hi Phil,
Here are some flavor categories. Which do you prefer?

Flavor Example Cultivar
Blackberry Violette de Bordeaux
Caramel Osborne Prolific
Cherry Tia Penya
Fig Brown Turkey
Honey Janice-Kadota
Strawberry Black Jack
Sweet Thermalito

I have only tried Brown Turkey and Kadota from your list. I don’t like either of those that much. My guess would be that the cherry or strawberry category would be my preferance. Mountain figs has a good breakdown of flavors as well. Which do you like the best?

Like you, I don’t care for bland fruit. Other than that it would be hard to choose a favorite. In the list above I tried to use examples that are generally available. For my own preferences I would substitute “Ohra Tabahanosika” for Honey and “Howard’s Delight” for Strawberry.


Figs I picked today.


I’m still holding out on Galicia Negra, but I am tempted to graft a couple limbs over to another variety. It took longer than most varieties to fruit for me, maybe year 4? But last year it was large and very productive. I wasn’t wowed by the fruit though. Let’s see what’s up 2022

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Ohra Tabahanosika is a honey fig? I hadn’t heard that. But, like you say, that’s a less available variety. I should get my first taste of OT this year. And looking forward to it!


It is a smyrna, so I keep it near my caprifigs.


Nice looking trees!
My caprifigs are young and not hosting a colony yet. But wasps seem to blow in from somewhere. Hopefully they’ll hit all the Smyrnas!

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Agreed. I have actually thought about grafting over mine as well.

Cdd blanc, good fig, I remember it being even better though. I will have to see if it gets better with a bit more heat. I turned the heaters down in the greenhouse so it is getting in the mid to low 50s at night.


Looks underripe.

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Yeah, did seem a bit under ripe, but no sap when I picked it. It’s so hard to wait! Got more coming in a couple days.


I have to pick mine at that state of ripeness or animals get them

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Escondido CA


Cape Charles VA.

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So good! Picked 2 of these today. So far I think my best figs are bourjasotte gris and I258


2 great figs!

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Definitely two excellent varieties. The VdB main crop is my absolute favorite of the berry-flavored figs.