Figs, figs, everywhere!


Looks just like it now! Must just be that your tree is more vigorous or something and the figs are taking on more water.


Thanks Matt! He has sold them as BG, so it is.[quote=“hoosierbanana, post:441, topic:4734”]
something and the figs are taking on more water.

It has, it’s in a small container, and I have had to water it a lot. I have been trying to let the bearing plants have less water, but they are often drooping. I’m still trying to figure out how best to water. A more mature plant can take it better. The BG is a first leaf! It’s 5 feet tall in a 2-3 gallon pot! I’m putting it in a 10 gallon next season.
I was just looking at 10 gallon root pouches. I can get 20 of them for $89.00 includes postage. I need 20!


I got mine from Steve also, but mine looks a little darker than your
photo. But I think it’s because I let it FULLY ripen, before I pick it.
Anyway you put it, it’s a great fig and a vigorous grower.


Yes I think it needed a day or more, it was really good anyway, Close as it was so soft. I’m learning the fig culture, getting there. Thanks all for the feedback. It seems as time goes on they are getting better and better. Plus this is a big fig, nice to have such a beast!


lol Rob’s Genovese Nero not and atreano are huge figs


Wow! I guess so! I have Atreano, it is huge. So far just OK, I need to let it hang longer.
The plant is nice though. grows well produced figs the first season even. I’m not cutting anything till after next season.


Atreano is not too great for fresh eating but if you like fig jam or preserves it’s a good fig. I only like fresh figs and fruit but keep Atreano because my grandmother likes them and I do a lot of trades every fall and some people like growing huge figs. RGNN taste good and is a large fig so it’s a win win.


Funny you say that as I was thinking if I can find a way to use it, I would keep it, OK, cool, it’s will be used for jam and cooking for now.

Rafed’s I want too, ironic as he lives 2 miles from me.


Rafed has Adriano’s Genovese Nero. It’s the real one, I had it too but lost it.


Speaking of big figs, for the last two days I have been watching the ripe figs. And today I noticed a huge brown turkey! How I missed it? Looks a lot like the RGNN but not as big. It’s an improved brown turkey or CA Brown Turkey. I just loved the bark on the Mother tree. If was almost free(postage) I could not resist! here’s the mother tree.

Here’s a fig off that tree, so far my 1 foot tree is producing smaller figs, still big, but not like this one!


WOW, this is one big fig. I have normal brown turkey and it’s no where as big as this.


Nothing in the world of fruits is more over rated than a huge fig.


Yup, give me a tiny RdB! Kerpow! Flavor explosion!


Yeah I agree, I bought it for the bark. Now to get it that big! Hey I grow ornamentals, what can I say? The mother tree owner sells the figs and sells out every time. The figs are supposed to be fairly good. She didn’t want to give out cuttings if locals were going to grow it, the person from f4f talked her into giving her cuttings reassuring her, she won’t be selling at the Framer’s Market.

On the cold hardy thread I mentioned how once figs start to ripen they grow a lot! True for this brown turkey too. One day I have a small green fig the next some giant turkey!


Speaking of RdB:

After weeks of stalling out, my RdB got a load of ionized rainfall yesterday. Today, it finally began to change color. I obtained this in a swap with @Drew51.

Unfortunately, my pair of Bronze Paradiso remain stalled out for weeks now. So close! Yet so far away.


I’m hoping for that. The one Brown Turkey fig on my potted plant, that the varmints didn’t get, is starting to swell. My in-ground BT figs are still small as are the figs on my unknown fig. That’s all I have.


Sometimes good things come in small packages .


My lone RdB fig is coloring up fast!


We should get more next year. My RdB produced about 15 fruit, only 5 have ripened. I doubt I will get anymore. I was thinking of trying to get a virus free plant, but mine is growing fine, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Even though they don’t look all cool I’m finding Unk Teramo to be decent. Very fig newton taste. A fairly concentrated taste for a fresh fig. Pictured (in various degrees of ripeness-all good btw!) along with a B. Green.

I was hit with fig rust and my plants are slowly defoliating. I noticed Teramo is untouched. Appears to be rust resistant.


Your plate of figs is smiling at us.