Figs, figs, everywhere!


LOL! Well I could have made more of a smile, and if I tilted B. Green inward, the stems would look like eyebrows! I could have used that brown turkey for a nose! I ate it yesterday.
Not that good, but it will get better. Most like Improved Brown Turkey. Sold by DWN too!
Although mine comes from a older tree. California Brown Turkey is the same thing. Red interior, not amber.


This thread is so long. I missed your caution here. Wish I had seen it sooner :angry:

I say the rain plus the oil ruined the taste of my figs. I won’t ripen them with oil again. I would rather grow early ripening one for my area.


This year my Preto de Torres Novas gave me a crop of more than 300 figs from mid August through September and due to the unusual October we are having (very few rainy days) it keeps on giving.

Here’s the last crop:

With less hours of sun the skin color is a bit clearer than they were in September:

But the flavor is still the same. It’s really a wonderful tasting fig and the new varieties i have been collecting in the last couple of years still haven’t managed to remove it from top spot.

A few more photos here:


Craven’s Craving fig is a bit too late for my area. Ironic as the figs were very early forming. I had a chance to taste one that was almost ripe, it could have used a few more days, rain is expected, so I harvested it. It was good, I noticed the side facing the sun had better flavor. I’m still going to keep this one for now. A couple more should ripen if they don’t split with the rain. Hard to tell but all the figs are starting to turn. Probably too late though. I have maybe a couple weeks. Some years it will be over by now.


CC needs a west Texas greenhouse…!! Looks great.


Yes agree! We will get it done! First time I have seen a dripping eye, very cool.


Nice looking fig :+1:


I just ate the perfect fig This Colonel Littman’s Black Cross just brought me to my knees.


Very nice looking fig indeed…!!



Wow!!! Plz don’t forget me in Early February.



Yes, looks great. Reminds me of the Negrone types, with a thin border, and dark contrast of the skin.


I starting to notice my fig trees are hardening off, stopping growing, the wood is turning dark.
My season will soon be done!


Wow strudeldog it does look perfect!!!


Here’s a pic of the father of a friend from work. He is enthusiastic about growing figs and elaborately protects them each winter. He brought this fig from Italy several decades ago (he came from there several decades before that).

Despite appearances, the fig isn’t being grown in a container (at least with the roots in it). A few years ago, when the fig was smaller, he slipped the bucket (with the bottom cut off) on. Each winter, he fills the bottom with leaves. Then, he covers the top (sometimes pruning a bit for size) with 1-2 blankets, depending on their thickness. On top of the blankets goes a tarp, which is secured with bungee cord.

I don’t think he has the barrel on all his figs, but he protects all of them with blankets and tarps each winter.


That’s what I call a dedicated fig grower. i’d love to see what the figs look like.


Another Craven’s Craving ripened. This one was more ripe, and very good. I can’t really describe the taste, I have not tasted any other Portuguese figs. It is different than any other figs I have, very sweet, juicy but did not taste at all watered down. Excellent! Texture is very soft, my wife noticed that, as she hates it, ate half a fig and handed it back. The red interior was soft, the skin is a little tough, probably environmental. I noticed tougher skins with lower temps. 84F here today though, very unusual. This fig has the strongest taste of any I have tasted, which admittedly is not that many.


I had one Takoma Violet fig almost ripen for me, but an animal must have stolen it. It has disappeared! I am very disappointed.


Oh that sucks! Been there with pluots. Having only a few, all stolen without a taste.


yeah it sucks, especially when it’s ripe the day before but you want to give it just for more day only to have it taken from you… that’s my kind of luck lol


That’s exactly what happened.