Figs, figs, everywhere!


Phil, was that grown in a pot or in ground? (we are in the same zone.)


I was grown in ground For me it has been a slow grower but, with healthy foliage not showing FMV. So slow I have had a hard time getting Air Layer to root, but a cutting I gave to a friend seems to be more vigorous and was bigger than my
tree within one season. Mine has been in ground for 1 winter with no
protection and took no winter damage in a relative mild winter where I
think I saw a low of 12F. Many of my figs did take some damage, but this
one matured growth did not. Most my damage last year was on trees with vigorous 1st year growth.


I know the feeling. The local tree rats took my Nordland.


I had Luv but lost it last winter but most all my other fig trees where not affected. I’m glad Colonel Littman’s Black Cross has proven it’s self hardy. These are my top figs I’d like to find cuttings of this year.
Fracazzano Multicolore
Martinenca Rimada
peloponnisiaka aspra sika
Sofia Rocco
Blanche de Turqie
Colonel Littman’s Black Cross
Ohra Tabahanosika
ponte tresa
Galicia Negra
and Braçajote preto


So I mentioned that my sister has a friend (Giovanni) who brought over two delicious unnamed figs from Italy (I believe). I love the pic that @BobVance posted so here is Giovanni w/my sister

I also love the fact that these people who come bring things that they know they would miss. I asked her to get the names. He wrote on piece of paper for her the name "reale bianchi’ which I think just means white fig. So one is white and one is reddish. Here are some pics. Anyone have clues?


Leaf patterns would help. You should root cuttings, many would want cuttings. I myself think I’m not going to add anymore, and probably eliminate some. I have 3 or 4 I really like, so probably will just keep those only. I will grow them into huge trees, well as big as I can in containers.


They look like a variety I grow called Sicilian Toffel

Mine has a small void in the center too but you can’t really tell from the way I cut the one in the photo.


They both look like Etna types. Can never have too many :smile:


That was my thought, too.


Drew, if you start your figs early this spring to extend your growing season, which of your lights will you use? Or will you get new lights?


With larger plants you need professional lighting, like that used for hemp. I have no plans to start early, my lights are used in the spring for tomatoes, peppers, and other seedling crops, melons, flowers etc. I don’t have room. even with 10 bulbs x 4 foot lights, and 3 bulbs x 2 foot florescent lights. My neighbor grows hemp, and I think he uses halogen lights, extremely impressive set up. The lights do not have to be close. I may one day get some to grow citrus. I will talk to him about what to purchase.

I rooted cuttings last winter, it was a mess as I needed the lights as mentioned. I made due. For new plants started early I myself think 4 foot T5 lights with 4 lamps is perfect to give them deep green color. You can use more, or less, it will still work, that is what I used. I also have a T5VHO light (regular ones are HO), but a ballast blew on me last winter. I just bought a new ballast. It’s very important to install correctly. Not easy I have to splice wires and such. I don’t want to electrocute myself! These are high voltage beasts! The light was so expensive, and so useful, I’m going to fix it. I found the same ballast online.I have yet to install it I need some electrical caps, been busy, and don’t need it for months.


Forgot to mention that Giovanni and my sister live in the western suburbs of Philly and these plants are in ground. He does do some wrapping and wraps her trees too - not sure how, but likely like the gentleman Bob pictured.
You are right they do look similar and hopefully the leaves will give useful data as @Drew51 mentioned. I suspect many immigrants brought over the same species. Is this considered a red fig? She will send leaf pics this afternoon.
Apparently Giovanni’s figs are locally renown and people contact my sister to see when she will have some. She said she dug up a rooted one but I’ll ask her to send cuttings as well.


When the tree is wrapped, they probably prune it down, or could. It may be common, but this particular tree has a history. I myself grow Unk Teramo, Unk. Sheepshead, and Sweet Diana, all are like your sisters, with some history. Diana appears to be a celeste type. Teramo is an unknown, and Sheepshead looks like a red fig of some sort? Hard to say if yours is a red fig, many do look like Mt Etna types. A well lit photo would help. I would say probably not.


I wouldn’t call it a red fig, Bo ja huang is what I’d call a red fig.


Some frost burnt leaves, but still ripening a last few MBVS figs here in Maine.


So here is the leaf of the above smaller ‘brown’ figs. The larger one to the right is another variety.


It’s not the same as my Sicilian Toffel


My first Green Ischia Fig.Very good.Brady.


The disappointment I had about the critters stealing my Takoma Violet fig has been alleviated by the surprise ripening of a Sal’s Gene EL. This figlet went from small and green to adequately ripe, soft, and sweet, in the span of a week. This was a small plant donated by @Drew51.

I wasn’t going to miss this special treat! Yummy!


The leaf looks quite like Unk Teramo actually. Just got mine started late this year so I am just looking at pictures though.