Figs, figs, everywhere!


I have been gone 3 weeks, and now all my figs have lost their leaves. About ready to go into the garage. They are facing 25F right now though. They look fine. I put the smaller ones in the garage today. I just got back yesterday. My wife picked a few while I was gone. My last bowl of figs. Unreal in Michigan November 20th, and I’m eating fresh figs. These were really good too! No idea what they are? The one cut open on the left I think is a little B Green. It tasted fantastic! The best one in this bowl. the rest are Mt Etna types I believe?

It was a good year for me, I got about 300 figs. I dried about half of them. I have many left, not sure what I will do with them? I have been snacking on them from time to time.



You’re living the high life, now!

I’m jealous you got Batt’ Green to fruit before me, and it was my cutting! You took such better care of your figs, and it paid dividends. The grow lights and the fertilizer must have boosted them along.


This year was a good year for me with everything. Lady Luck was riding with me all year.
I believe in Karma, yin-yang, when it flips the other way I’'ll be paying the piper. Yeah both my kids getting married, and both weddings were perfect. I won the Russell Island pool tournament, first time ever. I’m turning 60 this year ( I made it that far!?) My lifestyle was as bad as is possible, turning around the last few years and living healthier has been a good thing. Lot’s of problems this year too, but I have a super positive outlook, and not concerned.
Thanks Matt for the cuttings, and everybody for your help. It’s great when you meet or exceed your goals, a rare thing that kept happening this year in every aspect of my life. I wish my dad was around to show him my accomplishments this year. I made him proud, and he would be 100 years old this year if still with us.


Wow 300 figs! Out of how many trees? I haven’t had a fresh fig yet. Just dried ones. Haven’t seen fresh figs in the grocery store lately. Have to buy some and see if I like them.


Also, congrats on the success in your personal life! I’m sure your dad IS proud. I’m starting to believe that parents have a way of “seeing” us in tough times in our lives and good times in our lives. So I believe now that I’m a parent myself. Being a mother probably made me a better daughter too. At least so I hope.
But then again I’ve been a parent for whole 4 years :relieved:!!


I have over 20 fig trees, but only 5 are 2nd leaf. All the rest are first leaf. Both produced this year, thanks to an early start. Figs really vary in flavor from type to type. Although if you don’t care for them, I doubt you would notice. I actually enjoy growing them as much the harvest. I grew mostly ornamentals for 40 years and so I appreciate all plants. I have many ornamentals still. I am trying to sell off some off. My better plants. Moving to edibles except for a few exceptions. This is my 6th year growing more edible than ornamental. I have grown edibles all my life too, just a few, a grapevine, tomatoes, and other garden vegetables. Now I have over 100 edible plants.

I will have cuttings available for postage, probably late winter. Cuttings are easy to root, well easier than some anyway. 99% of my plants are from cuttings. So no need to buy any plants, I’ll send you cuttings if you wish, just send me a pm so I remember.


Thank you


this warm autumn has been so conducive to additional fresh figs and jujus ripening here in the southwest, to think it is almost thanksgiving!
and here are our turks which hope to be ready by turkey day.


I had my last outdoor fig on November 6th. In all, 5 of the 7 ripened and I pulled the last two off. It wasn’t getting much above 50 at that point and I didn’t want the plant to struggle ripening 2 fruit without many leaves. Especially since the last couple weren’t great anyway. The Anne raspberries were much better…

But, I may yet have some from my potted figs. Among the (very) young plants I received in August, 2 have fruit on them. Gris de St Jean (at the office and pictured below) and Bryant Dark (not as far along).

The GdSJ surprised me by setting another fig (lower), after I thinned off 3 of the 5 it initially set.

The tiny plant to the right is a So jujube seedling.



Holy Smoke! Are you a commercial grower? If not, how are you going to eat that much?

I may not be able to eat that much, but I love it. I’ll have to find friends, family to beg to give them away! :dizzy_face:


I thought my figs were finished couple weeks ago and that my last bowl was being ushered out by the persimmons, but despite reaching 25 F for a short I am still picking some after these. They are not as good as a 90 F ripened fig but some are still pretty tasty. The Sal’s Corleone, Panevino Dark, Sicilian Red a group of all similar figs was really a late season workhorse this year.


Beautiful photos.


I have about 25# of dried figs left so no need to ration yet :wink: . The bulk of that pick came from just a few inground Etna types that are 5 years old and about 8’ x 8’ with old man winter doing most of the pruning. I did sell some this year, but not many.

Highlights of November:
Aubique Petite


Sicilian Red


You must be just a few degrees warmer than me, all my stuff quit a few weeks ago.


I dragged them into an unheated greenhouse a month ago just before frost struck, think we got hit at the same time.


Ahh, you mean you cheated :slight_smile:




This is a picture of what is suppose to be Negronne Fig.I’m fairly certain that this is one plant.I noticed that some of the leaves are different.Is this a common occurrence?Thanks,Brady.


I’d say yes it’s common to have more than one leaf shape on a single plant. There can be several shapes or I’ve seen young plants where all the leaves were different than what should be the dominant shape on a more mature plant. The leaves can vary a lot at least on some plants/varieties.


very nice,do you have cutting available for sale?