Figs, figs, everywhere!


“Ben B.” is at it again.

In his Seattle backyard, he is surveying this season’s breba crop!


Do you know if this is Giovanni Gagliardi, Anne?


That guy really likes Figs.Even if there was room,I’d never grow that many.About a half dozen varieties is fine for me.Brady


No, that is not him. :confused:
My sister brought me 2 ~2’ fig trees from him, which he calls ‘the greena one’ and ‘the redda one’. There is one more which she said she would try to get for me which he calls ‘the bigga one’ that she likes the best. She and I would like to know what they are actually called so I plan to post detailed pics when I harvest some.


Hahah. The bigga one. Nice!

Please do, Anne. I’m sure someone can identify them.


Just watered some bone meal into my potted figs.


“PA Figs” travels to @Bass Samaan’s place for the 2017 Trees of Joy Fig Festival!

@ross makes a cameo appearance.

I didn’t make this video. I’m just a fan.


So my sister visited Giovanni (she starts seeds for him) and took pics of ‘the bigga one’. They are in Philly so these are not ripe but maybe it gives some clues.

Probably too early, huh?


No, the shape helps I’d. But I can’t help as I’m not really a fig expert.


I found some nice figs at the Vallejo farmers market this morning.

The vendor says that she grows these in Lodi, Ca. and gets four crops per year with this being the first crop. I asked her the name of the cultivar and she said Risso.


Looks a lot like something I know, but it’s too early to know for sure! Looking forward to ripe pictures :thumbsup:


@SMC_zone6 Steve-- The Brooklyn White potted cutting has finally turned a corner. Putting on modest but unmistakably new growth after having flirted with death. I up-potted it a few weeks ago. I expect it to grow well now.


So my Wellspring garden fig looks to be taking off in its new pot. It is suppose to be the strawberry variety… its my first and only fig…i’ll see how this goes and see if i like them before trying anymore.


Emerald Strawberry or Strawberry Verte?


The plants leaves look like SV but that’s not conclusive.




You might consider putting more pine bark mulch on top. Make sure those small potted figs get water at least once a week in the summer.


I potted it in pure compost out of my compost bin… It will probably need to be repotted yet this summer? Not sure how fast these grow.


Compost is fine, but alone it might have drainage issues. Adding some potting soil or perlite would be better. They are fast growing yet do well in small containers. I keep mine 3 or 4 years in a container. The 2nd year I put them in 10 gallon containers but five would work too. After 3 years I move them up to 15. Currently only one is in a 15 gallon root pouch. The rest are still in ten gallon fabric bags.


This all started in December 2016 with cuttings and now after six months I have all these. Lost good numbers of cuttings too without any reason. So far I am very happy with the results. I have 39 figs in 5 gallons pots and about 20 in one gallons and cups soon to be up potted.