Figs, figs, everywhere!


Back on topic people…


I was despairing of my VdB producing any figs this year as we are starting to get later in the season. I purchased it Feb 2016, so I wasn’t too worried. But the other day, I saw figs! I probably have a dozen or so very small figs.

I also decided to try my hand at air layering. Here’s the results of my first attempt, I used a Chinese take-out soup container, seemed to work very nicely.

And all potted up. I didn’t remove any leaves and the newly potted tree dehydrated quite a bit. I eventually removed the dying leaves, plus a few others. It’s doing nicely now.

And two more airlayers that I just started. One is an unwanted sucker. The higher one is one of four main branches coming up (you can see them in the picture - the 4th one here is a bamboo stick), it’s actually the original trunk, but it’s growth has been massively overtaken by the other 3 branches. Three of these are growing pretty closely together, so one has to go.


These main crops figs are looking good.



Brebas from my in ground Flatbush white or dark I’m not sure :smiley:


Some what I think might be Brown Turkey figs from my in-laws tree. Most are unfortunately picked a little under ripe by a friend who climbed up their big 20’ x25’ tree but a couple days on the counter will get them to a more delicious state.



Those are very nice size figs. Enjoy!!!



Here is a picture of my first Nordland fig this year. It’s the biggest fig I’ve picked yet. Flavor was good for a breba…a more subtle fig taste, sweet with some nice crunchy seeds.


Wow a big fig! Let those ripen as much as possible. A lot of different fogs posted. Man so many types! @Moley looks like a white!
Nice to have in ground.


Tony,mine looks about in same size, and I am worried about not having enough warm days left to ripen the figs


Here’s my first ripe fig of the year, though it is grown from a pot which overwintered in my living room. It’s a Bryant Park and I picked one last week, but found it was bland and not really ripe. So, I let this one get ripe enough to soften and sag a bit. It was much better- not something I’d go crazy for, but sweet and I wouldn’t mind eating more. You can tell I’m not fig-crazy…yet. :slight_smile:

Bryant Park:

The plant is definitely a heavy setter. I’m thinking about putting it into a bigger pot to help support all those figs. Or are figs thinned out when they are this heavy?

This is one of the newly rooted cuttings I was sent almost a year ago by @aphahn.


Nice one, Bob.


Oh man. Got back from a 5 day vacation and my neighbor forgot to water two of my Negrone fig starts from this spring. They were growing wonderfully. Now the leaves are crispy. I soaked the planters in a bucket of water. I’m

hoping the crispy leaves drop and new ones develop. But I’m not holding my breath.


I’d bet they make a come back. Figs are pretty tough that way.


This happened to my Battaglia Green. After good waterings, it rebounded. Took a few weeks.


Just checked on the figs. They are getting good size. The temp still in the lower 80s. Hopefully they will ripe soon.



What size of container are you using Tony? My figs are very small I need to put them in bigger pots for next year I think


My figs are in 2.5 gallons to 10 gallons.



These looks great Tony mine are about the same size and hoping will ripe before cold.


I need some bigger pots for next summers


OMG! I’ve just read (and skipped some) through this post! Very long post but quite informative and entertained!

Without pinching, my CH is trying to reach the sky, from ground up! Those tiny figlets won’t have enough time to grow in my Chicago climate…

I also have 6 rooted cuttings, generously sent from Hoosierbanana. They’re SAL, GINO and MBVS.

And finally, my Italian Honey from 2 years ago trade, may have a chance of some eatable fig! :slight_smile: