Figs, figs, everywhere!


Nice healthy looking figs Tom. Hopefully, some will ripen in time for you before Winter.



I just pulled these two beauties for this morning’s breakfast. The interesting thing about this fig tree is that it was given to me by a buddy who said that his friend’s father brought the original tree from Italy here in the 1930’s. I have no idea of the variety, but it is very prolific and ripens with variegated purple stripes. Any idea what variety it may be? Could this variety have really come from Italy? The peach was just a little added treat for this morning’s breakfast. Sorry that I didn’t put something in the picture for scale, but the figs are very large.


The Excel figs are loaded.




How is the taste of excel? It’s one of my fastest growing varieties.


Excel is a sweet and some what rich when water restricted at harvest time. The good thing about this fig is early harvest and no splitting even with several days of consecutive rain.



Here are my two black Jack’s. Has anyone taste them and how good are they. The fruits are pretty large.



Like most large figs not very good IMO. Big and watery. Not my kind of fig. It was one of the first 5 I tried: Strawberry Verte, Paradiso, Celeste, Black Jack, and Vista. The first two were by far best.


I would grow it a few years before you decide. I have noticed with most figs they do get better as the plant becomes larger and more established. Even large figs. This year a fairly large fig Osborn Prolific was not very good last year, it was not good at all. This year it is way better. tastes very unique too. It only ripened one and it was that good. See how the others are. It had a creamy honey flavor, it melted like ice cream in my mouth. Wonderful! Now maybe the others are not as good? We will see…
It might be that the flavor has grown on me, and others would not like it at all. All honey figs are somewhat creamy. My Osborn Prolific. I’m liking the single trunk 3 scaffold form.


Drew, that looks great. Have you thought about grafting over two of the three scaffolds to have more varieties without taking up more space?


Yes, Absolutely and this would be a great candidate! Funny you mention grafting because I have a graft on this one. A Medici HR #1 is grafted on Osborn Prolific.


These are just fig trees that have sprouted in my yard. I have at least 7 or 8 of them and these are photos of 5 of them.


Any fruits yet? Hopefully some of them are good ones.



All of them get too much shade. I doubt they’ll have fruit.


Try to pinch the tip a the 5th leaf next Spring and continue to do so and that will stimulate figs formation sooner.



I just got a package of goodies from @SMC_zone6.

Malta Black, English Brown Turkey, and Bekaa Red Lebanese fig cuttings.

Thanks Steve!


My pleasure. I would’ve waited longer to send those out but with Thanksgiving coming, fridge space is at a premium.



Do you sell your figs? I see in the above photos that you have put them in retail boxes.


Yes I sell some of them, I planted a small orchard for my boss also. They usually start being available in mid September.


@lids, Thank you for the great Deanna cuttings! My wife was tickled to have a variety ‘named’ after her. They are in the refrigerator right now, next weekend I’ll get them potted up!


@JCT I’m so glad she’s excited! I hope she enjoys the fruit as much as we have. Sometime, we’ll have to swap growing in SD tips. Our baby was melting down last night, I’m sorry I had to rush!