Figs, figs, everywhere!


Not a problem, been there! We will have to exchange notes at a future time.


Just moved my figs outside on to my cement patio. A bunch of them got some good Brebas.


Pakistan mulberry starting to leaf out too.


Were your figs in the house, green house or unheated basement. My figs from the unheated basement hardly push leaves. Yours are way ahead of me. Good job.


this is one of my fig,



Some were in the sunroom. Some were in the tornado shelter and I turned the LED Lights on for one week head start.



Thank you for spilling your secret :):grinning:


Will letting figs fruit the first year in ground hurt?


If the tree is stressed it will probably drop them by itself, otherwise it should be fine.


You couldn’t hurt a fig if you wanted to…

These suckers are so tough. Here’s a picture of three figs that I thought were dead. No watering, no care, and a rabbit munched them down in their pots. Jump forward a few weeks and these suckers were taking off, so I tossed them in the ground.

8 degree winter temp. No watering apart from rain. Rabbit cut them down to the ground. A few figs the first year aren’t going to hurt a thing.

Left to right: Figo Preto, Black Italian, LSU Gold


Twilight on Black Bethlehem.


Moved my figs to full sun out by the garden, one has a little fig on it


As much as I enjoy the taste of figs I think mine are all going to get the axe. They are all either dead or will bloom so late they won’t ripen fruit. I don’t have a single fig leaf open right now. I have a seedling Jujube that needs a home. I might pull the fig and still the juju there and graft it to a known variety next year.


It was a bad year due to a sudden deep freeze in the fall. It killed three peach seedlings I bred. I’m so bummed about it! I lost 2 years. I can’t start over till next winter. Also 7 or 8 figs died to the roots, and one plan out died. Others are set back. I will get figs, but no doubt lost many, maybe most this year too. I don’t really mind as I like these plants a lot. I thought I lost Black Beauty 10, but a shoot from below ground is coming up, just saw it today, marked it as dead on my list. I still owe the guy a plant! I hate losing any, but to replace it, would mean about 100 bucks or more. So it’s a good day, what was lost was found again.


What’s the most success you’ve had with a fig variety so far?


I wonder how long it will be before there is a fair comparison of BB10 and Kathleen’s Black? Both are not precocious so the sellers who are hacking their plants won’t be seeing fruit anytime soon. Of course it benefits them financially to see differences so probably best to just avoid anyway. I’m still shocked that a plant was stolen, seems like if enough sellers get to wet their beaks they can do whatever they want.


You get my vote!!!


Chicago Hardy but that was the first year I planted it in ground. Probably got 4-5 dozen figs. Then the winter of 16/17 it died back to the ground and produced a handfull of figs last year. This past winter is died back hard to the point I think it’s totally dead. And this is despite protecting it with burlap and leaves. My other varieties (LSU Purple, Strawberry Verte, Petite Negrone, and Desert King grew well in pots for a few year but now appear dead too.


I’m yet to try any in the ground here in my neck of the woods in WV. I’ve got a few fig trees I rooted from cuttings over the last year that some other members in colder regions swear they’ve been successful with, so I’m hopeful.

How big was your Chicago Hardy when you put it in the ground? I think I’m going to wait until mine have a much bigger caliper size before I put them in the ground


I have both, but both are small, so next year from me.


Post #13 here answers your question