Figs, figs, everywhere!


I agree it works great, but we have enough to do in the fall! Yeah once dormant from the cold it should hold off. Shuffle it in and out if it starts growing in March or April. Once growing you have to stay above freezing. Same as with most plants don’t fertilize in fall, and make sure it never completely dries out. But not wet.


That’s what I was using. It was indoors, maybe that was the problem. I tried gritty mix last summer outdoors and it worked okay. Probably a good thing, I have too many figs anyway.

Have you tried the burial method?


LOl! OK here is another technique. Wrap the whole cutting top to bottom in parafilm or buddy tape. At the bottom of the cutting lightly scrape off parafilm on 2 sides on the part you are planting. This protects the cuttings a lot better.And it should still root. In whatever media you use. I planted some in my regular potting mix and they are rooting too. I ran out of DE as I did about 40 of them! I have lot’s of duplicates!


I think i’m going with the burial technique. Saves me hauling that thing down the steps into the basement. I’ll tie up the branches and dig a casket sized hole. Toss it in and then make sure i keep a good amount of snow over that area. I’ll report back in fall when i do it. I think my basement might just be a hair too warm in the winter.


@warmwxrules - my basement is about the same temp as yours and mine came out of dormancy early this past winter.

@Drew51 - That’s new wrapping the entire cutting. I’ll have to give that a shot. I’ve plenty of cuttings in the fridge that need to get rooted yet.


LOL! Good luck. I was thinking of trying the low cordon method. I had some branches that stayed low that survived last winter.

Yes, I just happened to read on ourfigs about a guy who does that. Said it works well.


what i need is this

Yeah i think your climate is far milder then mine in winter. I just looked… i had 9 nights below 0F… the coldest was -16f and last winter was mild.

I’m use to digging holes. I’ll probably keep it potted so i can move it in and out in the spring for frosts. I’ll try to leave until April or so. I’ve got a solid 4+ months of growth that it can put on here.


2 figs added to my orchard today

. Sao joao preto graúdo

. Capa Rota

Have a few other varieties planted there also.


After 2 weeks of fig tips pinching and now all of my figs are forming main crops. I-258…


Figs are on target, in containers are really developing.

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Nice, Tony. Just 100 more days until harvest! I saw figlets forming on Florea, Chicago Hardy, Malta Black, Marseilles Black VS, I-258, Moscatel Preto, Black Madeira KK, and RdB.


Let pray for no hail storm!


I’ve had a few hail storms this spring, one resulted in a new roof. I hope I don’t see more this year.


These dried figs from last September still tasted great!


The figlets are starting to form. Just 90 more days until harvest :upside_down_face:


Most of the time I pinch, especially when they are froze to the ground, but I wait till they are about 3 or 4 feet tall.still get a decent amount of figs. My container tree’s are establish older tree’s, don’t do nothing.
Pinching for me means height control besides, I see too many goofy straggely, ugly figtrees if you don’t do anything. As one old timer says,it’s your tree.


Lots of main crop figlets forming.
I have never pinched my figs once in 4 years and they form main crop anyway. Is pinching a superstition?


First ripened Celeste Breba of the season.


If you grow figs in small containers, you don’t have to pinch. The roots control the tree. Any tree feel suppress will most likely go into fruiting.
For some, a handful of fruits is enough, it’s the experience of growing something new to taste. For me, growing 6 trees of the same variety, is good enough as long it’s a variety that is close to the top in taste. Course, it’s not much fun, as many says, variety is the spice…!
In my case, I grow a bunch of other things, that makes up!
Reading so many different articles of fruits in general, I have to report that my persimmons will not be great this year. One of the biggest problem with persimmon is too much rain, which I have in a abundance this spring. The most bloom this spring and than the rains, blooms gone, a abundance of healthy looking tree’s. The same with fertilizer, too much fertilizer with persimmon, means no fruits or just some. I just use Peters Most (Micro) right after bloom, around the drip line. A 5 gl pale of water plus a tbs of Most, let set for a hour to dissolve. Is this a sure thing? It works for me, this I know, persimmon likes manganese.


Hi everyone! Im new to this forum; I have some questions. Is Ficus carica the species of Ficus that everyone is referring to? And is this forum as a whole for people in the US only? Im from Aus :blush: