Finally got my trees from Southmeadow!

It was a long wait!
I ordered two trees in Nov of 2014. Spring of 2015 I called to ask when to expect my trees, and were told they didn’t have them, so, because I wanted those varieties, I said to carry the order forward, and send them in 2016.
Last year…still no trees, and when I contacted them I was told it was too hot in my zone, and they would not send them.
This year I made sure that the communication part was taken care of, and they did ship the trees.
I originally ordered a Kidd’s Orange Red, and a Celestia. This year I asked them to change the K.O.R. to a Centennial, as I found another source, and am already growing K.O.R.
They sent two Celestia.
Thankfully Quill already found me a scion of Centennial, that is grafted and growing well. Thank you Quill!
Here is a picture of my trees. They are benchgrafts, and not what I expected when I ordered trees. (The order total was $74.00 including shipping) and I have no idea what rootstock they are on.
I appreciate places like Southmeadow making less common varieties available, but will order elsewhere in the future.

Here is one Centennial on M106 grafted on 3/25


$74 for 2 bench grafts? OUCH!! Hope they jump out of the ground and fruit next year for you!
Hope the hubby gets that kind of grace.:grin:


I’ve ordered from them as well. They have a pretty great variety list, but my order was also delayed, also just tiny bench grafts. They’re growing well in their second year now. Hopefully they’re true to type.

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You may wish to document the problems you faced on Dave’s Garden website:

He has a ton of online nursery reviews. Your input could help people choose between nurseries and save them some grief in the future!

I just received a bench graft from them too…I really think they need to be clear about what they are sending. It’s been two weeks and I’m seeing no growth on mine. And it is very hot here and I questioned whether it would be a good idea and was told that it would be perfectly fine. :flushed::flushed::flushed: but they still didn’t say anything about it being a fresh graft.

Wow! And I was mad at Badgersett for a one year delay (with no apology or discount). I hope your trees do well.

Didn’t know until they arrived today that they were not going to be trees. But after the long wait, and work to actually get them here, I’m not about to mess with a return!
My hubby can buy anything he wants, any time he wants, because he has his priorities straight, and wants to take care of his family. lol
What that actually means, is he’s responsible, and so no one ever fusses if he treats himself to something.