First Fruits of Hosui Pears

First fruits from our small potted multi-grafted pear tree. This is our total crop of pear for the year, ha ha ha. Not a bad start, the potted tree is small and letting it bear fruits, I intend to keep it small. Will do some bark inversion later.

This was harvested from the Hosui Pear branch. It is an Asian pear, crunchy sweet and crispy with lots of juice. Best when sliced and soaked in lemonade, chilled in fridge at least 4 hours and serve while cold! Delicious!

Was surprised that it has escaped fireblight infections which is rampant in our area, also escaped coddling moth infestations by tucking it next to my citrus trees.


How does that work?


The pear tree is small and in a pot, so I can move it around, in between citruses. Maybe it masked the aroma of the pear fruits! Afterall, the scent of the citruses are far stronger than the pear fruits. So it was harder for the coddling moths to sniff them out, and so they fly over to the other yards that has full load of apples or pears.


Might try to tuck them in between my guavas too! Guava is known to have insect repellant properties that’s why I planted these to ward off the ACP just in case they decided to move north from the lower central valley.

Nice looking pears. I’m planting some this fall despite my fire blight fears.

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I have heavy codling moth pressure back home but only a few hosui pears were damaged. To me it seems like this pear isn’t their favorite.

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Maybe due to the “sandpaper” texture of the skin.

We planted a Hosui 2 years ago and it gave us about a dozen fruit this year. We did not share any with anyone!!! They were delicious… My wife and I watched the tree closely, tickling the fruit nearly every day, waiting on the next one to fall into our greedy little hands.


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