First snow of December


Unbelievable it was over 60 degrees here in Kansas today. I was outside in shorts!

Just had our first that stuck too!

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Just had our first too.


Beautiful photo of your place!


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We just got our first snow here in the Austin area. Covered my lime and it did well. This was this past Thursday. The Sunday previous it was 80 degrees, then snow on Thursday. Now today it is currently 73. My crept myrtles looked nice with snow though!


First snow, Sat, 12/9/17. Got about 7".


Clark and I got lucky. No snow in KC or Omaha yet. It got down to 18 degrees for a few days.


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When it gets down in the teen, I prefer to have lot of snow on the ground than not. At least, it will work as insulation for my plants…


We got our first measurable snow on Saturday, but it was only a half inch at the most. Got down to 18 that morn, very cold! It was mostly gone by Sunday.

They’re calling for a chance of snow overnight and tomorrow, and 15 (?!!?) tomorrow night.

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We got snowed in at MIL’s house for a Christmas cookie decorating party and ended up spending the night…first snow of the year is always a re-learning experience.
First snow day for local schools today (son is thrilled) as we are forecasted to get 8-14". Just in time, there’s quite a cold snap coming in behind it and I count on snow cover to insulate some of my zone-pushing plants.


Snowing hard right now, ground is almost covered, temp is 34. Don’t know how long it’ll last, but it certainly won’t melt today as the temps will continue to fall.


Temps will be 60’s again this week for the highs and 25 for the low. Kansas is practically the Bahamas the last few years. Dry as dust literally and my water table is dropping fast! I would love to see a nice heavy snow or rain right now!

Got just enough (~3") to be a hassle, not enough to break out the new snowblower.

Got over 1 feet of snow in a few days and the lowest is only 12F this morning.

With a windchill factor, it was -1 F during the day in Worcester. Wind gust was 49 mph. I had to go out to a couple of meetings. Miserable.

I take snow over bone chilling gusty wind any day.

I checked tonight on my persimmon “house” - stays put so far. Will inspect it closer tomorrow morning.

We got 10” snow by the Great Lakes in NY.