First spray out of three

According to my spray schedule that works, this will be the weekend I spray my first round of copper with a sticker. Anyone else? It’s close to Thanksgiving and that is my mark on the calendar to spray.


I wanna do it, but weather not cooperating. It is either rain, snow, wind or freezing temps… May be next week some day.

I sprayed today. I checked our 10 day forecast. Today was a rare day with temp at 43F and dry. I sprayed Kocide 3000+ oil+ Nufilm. Because of oil, I needed temp over 40 to spray.

What a relief that it’s done. The next one will be in the spring.

@SMC_zone6 - have you sprayed copper yet?

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Waiting for the weather to cooperate. The leaves have dropped.

Most of my trees still have leaves. We had the first snow of the season few days ago. But my trees are young and seem to hold on to leaves for ever.
I’m thinking about taking the leaves off and then spray copper.

I haven’t had the chance yet. Maybe over the Thanksgiving break. Weather doesn’t look very cooperative though.

I wanted to add oil to copper so I needed temp over 40. For the next several days, temp will be quite low.

I am so far behind on fall clean up. Just roughly cover my Chicago Hardy today but have not time to wrap my Nikita’s Gift yet. It will be down to 10 F next Wed. I may not have time to do it at all.

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Is one day above 40 enough after oil spray?
Do you do copper + oil + nufilm all in one tank?

I followwd @scottfsmith’s advice in the Guide category re. Spraying.

I believe it is the temp during spraying that counts. I mixed all three in the sane tank. For dormant spray, several things can go in together and won’t harm trees as they have no leaves.

By this time of the year, any leaves on my trees, I stripped them before I sprayed.

Mrs. G.,
I barely could get one of the two sprays in. You’re good to get three in.

I’ve found that one or two copper sprays are sufficient for me.

Tomorrow,it will probably be done.
@mamuang,what does the oil do?bb

Thanks for the post. I have been wanting to know what and when to do the first sprays.

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My leaves are about gone and no freeze is predicted for a few days. Looks like a good time for me to spray.

Spray scheds depend on pest pressure. If peach leaf curl is an issue at sites I mange I have never needed a fall spray to control it, I can’t speak for other regions, only my own.

I put down Kocide shortly before peach buds begin to swell in early spring and that’s the end of it. A couple weeks later oil goes down with a fungicide at many sites but I only spray copper once.

If you don’t go minimal and take a chance you don’t find out what you can get away with. If copper wasn’t potentially damaging as it builds up in the soil this might not be such an issue, but it is.

How much an issue, I don’t know. Anyone reading this have a clear answer for that question?

I don’t use copper for fire blight so I’ve no insight on that one.

Hi Brady,
Dormant oil is to smother insects and/or their eggs hiding on trees. Here’s the link.

I do a lazy man/woman method. I want to make sure I cover all the bases at least once, either in the late fall or early spring. Weather is not always cooperative here where I live. I feel better if I could get a fall spray in, just in case the timing of this spray in the spring is not good.

Literature I read often say spraying copper for the peach leave curl disease is done when peach buds are dormant. That’s what I do. Here’s from Penn State extension.


Me too.

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Okay,thanks.My schedule is a little different.The trees get a mixture of soap and oil,just before or when a little color is seen on the flower buds.
In the article,he mentions Lime Sulfur,but I think after that,probably micronized Sulfur is being talked about,which I’ve only used for Pear Leaf Blister Mites. bb

Does anybody spray their fig and persimmon trees?

I ran out of Lime Sulfur. My state, MA, now bans a sale of lime sulfur. It was very effective against pear blister mites. Micronized sulfur is not as effective in my experience.

I found an old bottle of Lime Sulfur yesterday but it has crystalized.