First spray out of three


I don’t spray persimmon or jujubes.


Sometimes cystalized stuff will redissolve if held in hot water and agitated from time to time- you’ve probably done it with honey. Might be worth a try.


Will do. Did it with honey, indeed but it was not very helpful in a serious case :slight_smile:


I’ve never had any problem with PBM if I spray pears with oil the same time I spray peaches with copper. 2-3%


I grafted some Euro Pear scions to a Callery Pear tree a few years ago and noticed some Rust on a number of the leaves.What is the best treatment for that? Sulfur or maybe Copper?bb


Can’t buy lime sulphur here any longer. :sleepy:


Got plenty of it on E pears and some on A pears.


Did you get oil down early and strong? Are you sure it is PBM and not psyla?


Alright… I stripped off all the leaves and sprayed copper, sticker and oil today. A lot of copper pieces on the walls of the sprayer…glad it’s done though. 0.25” rain on Tuesday night.
Pear psylla completely ruined my Asian pear. It pretty much didn’t grow at all. Hopefully the oil will take care of that problem.


99% sure that it’s pear blister mites, not psylla.

I ran out of the spray mix before I could cover every trees. I will spray again the early spring.


Always put water in first before you add copper. Then stir it until it is dissolved. Add oil and Nufilm afterward.

I like to add the mixture in a bucket and pour it in the spray tank. This way, I can see how well the mix is mixed.


I’m lucky that I buy oil in 2.5 gallon jugs so I have the perfect container for shaking up a mixture and pouring the blend into a tank. The caps are pretty large so it’s easy to put ingredients in the container. Some types of sprayers are OK for shaking also- I use an SPO 2 gallon sprayer made for carrying with one arm that allows shaking the ingredients vigorously, but the jugs are a perfect shape for it, with no inconvenient spray wand in the way.


Last year I sprayed copper around thanksgiving. This year the tops or my trees still have leaves on them.


Still have leaves so we are holding off for now.




I doubt damaging leaves at this point would damage the vitality of the trees. They can’t be contributing much energy now and I bet what remains is a small part of the canopy that existed a month ago.

When I transplant trees in Nov. they often have a lot of leaves on them left. The wind created by driving at hiway speeds eliminate most of these leaves and the trees rebound just fine.

It is an old hort trick to strip leaves before transplanting if trees are not fully or even partially dormant.


The weather here has been way too crazy to spray. It is either too rainy or too cold. I would like to spray once before it gets way too cold to spray for the season. I still have lots of leaves on my trees yet the weather is miserable these last two weeks.


I just got through spraying for peach leaf curl last week. For me one spray in the spring or fall is enough to control it. As Tippy mentioned, prefer to put it on in the fall. Springs tend to be wetter than fall, and so make the row middles too muddy. Plus spring is a busier time for me anyway.


It has gotten down to six degrees here already this month, so it looks like I will have to wait til spring to do any spraying. Winter struck early.


Friday is looking like a good day, early before it rains