First time ordering (fruit) from Jung Seed review

I placed an order with Jung Seed on 3/25, during their 15% off and free shipping/100.00 sale, for:

Giant Flowered Pussy Willow Shrub
Borealis Canadian Haskap
Leikora Sea Berry Or Sea Buckthorn
Male Sea Berry Or Sea Buckthorn
Gooseberry Offer - 4 plants (Hinnomaki Red, Invicta, Pixwell, Tixia)
Hakuro Nishiki Willow
Boreal Beast Honeyberry
Boreal Beauty Canadian Haskap
Boreal Blizzard Canadian Haskap
Honey Bee Canadian Haskap

Everything arrived, except Trixia Gooseberry (backorder) in pretty decent shape. They were all well packaged and had moist roots or soil. I’m really impressed with the size of the Hinnomaki Gooseberry! I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a few fruits off of it this year! The Giant Pussy Willow is also HUGE! So big in fact, I can take cuttings from it now. Overall, I am really pleased with what I got and the shipping time at this point. I would order from them again! And now for the photos:

The Giant Willow, Seaberries, Jostaberry, Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry are all bundled together. The Invicta and Pixwell Gooseberries are in the green containers.

Left to right: Jostaberry, Seaberries (male and female), Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry, Giant Pussy Willow

These are the honeyberries. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember which honeyberry is which, but the Hakuro Nishiki Willow is on the far right.


That’s good to see. I was thinking about placing an order with them last month. Didn’t know anything about them though and they had sort of high prices. Which ones are the gooseberries in the picts?

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I’m about 25 miles from one of their retail stores. This will only be my fourth season living here, but I’ve generally been impressed with the bare root stock they bring in every spring. Everything I’ve gotten bare root has done really well for me. I’ve had a few issues but that was completely my fault. I’m not sure how the mail order works, but they’re good about their warranty too.


Robert, I edited my post to include a description under each photo. :slight_smile:

Glad the order was correct and the plant look nice :+1: I have looked at their site before but never ordered. You have given me some confidence in them.

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I was extremely impressed with the ODYSSO apples I got from them in 2019…which I let set 14 fruits…and the birds ate at marble size.

I never got around to ordering this year from them…but, let me quickly say Fedco’s and Cummins apple trees don’t hold a candle to those from Jung’s.

(And you get good trees from Trees of Antiquity…but pay a premium to do so.)


My back ordered Tixia Gooseberry arrived today. I wasn’t all that impressed with the size, but it was about the size that a lot of other nurseries send, so, typical. It was in decent shape and packaged well. It didn’t take too long to get it either, considering that it was on back order. I feel comfortable ordering from them again. :slight_smile:

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At least it came with soil, which should help it survive. That’s what I got from several vendors, some worse than that. Rolling River gave me a nice potted one, but it was on the expensive side. I found a local nursery that had only three varieties in 5 gal. pots. They were almost full grown for $25. Needless to say I was on a shopping spree.

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I have a credit with Jung and I went to their site this morning to see if what I have been waiting for to become available was available yet. Well, I got this screen (it says " expired on 10/28/2021 and is pending renewal or deletion."). Does anyone live near Jung? I’m wondering if this was just an oversight or are they closed or what?

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Don’t know.
Perhaps so busy forgot to renew their website.
Last email
soliciting my business came from them on 10/4.

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Were you trying to tell me something @japeedee ? When I click on the link you posted, I get the same message that I posted above.

The link worked fine for me. I have ordered from Jung a few times and no problems.

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So odd! This is what the screen looks like for me:

Maybe I have a virus on my computer… shudder. Time to run my antivirus software!

No, the site ain’t up. You don’t have computer virus.

Be interesting to see if it’s up by Tuesday.

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The site is up. Try it in a new window.

As of thirteen minutes to 1 p.m. it is NOT up. I Googled, used links, and every method I thought of.
Got same message Farm Girl got.

I hope they’re not going out of business. And I doubt if they are.
But, they seldom telegraph such if they are. Some big giant company may have bought them up—that might be. Again, hopefully not.

@Blueberry Maybe your system has been hacked too. I ran my antivirus software and upgraded (a little) to block hackers that redirect you to fake sites. I am able to go to their site just fine now. Thanks, everyone for your help solving the issue! :slight_smile:

@jaypeedee What antivirus software are you running?

I’ve had no issues for over 5 years since installing MacAffee security and it ran Friday and found no issues.
I appreciate the
suggestion though.

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