Flavor Treat pluot vs Emerald Beaut plum

Harvested Flavor Treat and Emerald Beaut today. Both are still firm but they should be ripe this late in the yr.

Flavor Treat ave 0.30 lb and 24.5 brix
Emerald Beaut 0.15 lb and 25.9 brix

FT is firmer and I probably like it better. But Emerald Beaut is excellent as well.


How well does FT hang on the tree? EB is said to hang on upto 2 months!

At this point FT was much more firmly attached than EB. On the charts I have EB is listed as ripening 3 wks earlier than FT. But both are 4+ weeks past listed ripening dates. I could have picked either a month ago and they would probably have tasted ripe. My greenhouse is usually two weeks earlier than DWN Fresno ripening chart.

Perfect as always. Boy fruitnut. I saw your pic and you’re a young guy!

Class of 62!!


Nice harvested. I really like EB from Sam’s the last couple of years. They were very good but I bet yours are even better. BTW, when you graduated High school in 1962 that was my parents were thinking of having a boy and they got their wish in 1965, me. Big brother!! LOL.


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You sound older. This is a relief! :blush:

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Heck, I thought I was the old man of this forum but you beat me by 2 yrs,
unless you’re a whiz kid and graduated early. What does FT taste like?

Man that’s hard to describe. Very Sweet with no tartness. It’s just a big meaty plum with some crunch that you always hoped for from the store. But store bought that look similar are usually tart and seldom sweet.

I was able to get some Emerald Beaut and Flavor Treat at the Fremont,CA farmers market a little over a week ago.Only one stand had FT and another had one big bag of EB left for $5.This was the first time trying FT.I liked them,but EB was sweeter.It could have been the timing of the picking though.The EB looked to be leftovers from the day and some were getting over ripe,something I didn’t notice when buying them,but were still very good,after cutting parts off of some.
I’m not one though to compare things like these.I’m sure Flavor Treat is excellent in it’s prime. Brady

If it’s not tart, you can that to my wish list.

Looking good!

Yum yum yum yum yum. Yum yum. I am jealous. Yum.

Geesh, you’d think we’d be able to get pluots of at least 20 brix from the store, but I’m happy when I find 17, and you are pushing 26 with fruit that is firm?

The reason IMO is a season long water deficit. In pluots and J plums that results in firmer fruit that hangs longer on the tree and has higher brix. I’ve hit 28-32 brix on Flavor Treat with severe deficit. That reduces fruit size significantly. It’s also near the point where the fruit begins to shrivel and fall off the tree. I’ve only had that happen once. A more common symptom of excessive water deficit is that older leaves yellow and fall. At that point more water is appropriate. I’ve never killed a tree doing this.

The water deficit on the two trees producing fruit pictured above wasn’t too extreme. Reason being these are older trees in midst of my new plantings. The older trees have a bigger root system which limits water deficit. Next yr the old trees will be gone and I’ll have trees of uniform age and similarly rooted.

Yes I’m cutting down the trees producing above fruit. :cry:

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Can adding water,after withholding for awhile,cause the fruit to split? Brady

Yes it sure can. Especially when it’s outdoors and the added water is accompanied by high humidity. I haven’t had splitting issues in the greenhouse since I got dialed in so as to maintain a fairly constant water regime. I’m watering about 0.6 inch every 10 days in summer.

Fruitnut, I’ve read your posts about withholding water, and I was pretty sparing on my established trees this summer. I have a tree that may be Green Gage that had plums with out of range Brix on my refractometer. Probabably 32 or 33 (scale goes to 30). They were delicious, and left me with very sticky fingers.

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Sounds like my Bavay.

Sounds like the right formula!!

My meter tops out at 32 but I extrapolate to 34-35 area.

Are you in PNW?