Flea beetle?

Hi there. Hoping someone can confirm that these are flea beetles and the most effective way to deal with them? I have numerous plum trees and they are so far only on one of them but the infestation has very much taken over this tree. I tried to post this is in the pest and disease identification thread but wasn’t sure how to do that.

No, not flea beetles, but definitely beetles. Something like sevin or pyganic will probably knock them down.

Thank you

Your beetles are in Family Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles.
This beetle family also includes the subfamily of flea beetles.
Either way, control would be the same.

These beetles have antennae that are relatively long (nearly body-length or longer) and do not have clubbed or combed antennae ends. This thread-like antennae feature shows in your image in a couple of the left-most beetles.

There are too many small black species to narrow the ID.


Where are all the birds in your area to eat them?

Most likely busy eating and peeking at the fruit…

I’m kidding. But probably not too far off the mark.

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Great question! We have seen one lone cardinal feasting on them but I guess word hasn’t gotten around yet. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Larry

Flea beetles destroyed brassica foodplots for deer in one spot on my place several years in a row. No way on Earth could birds or other predators have kept that horde under control. I had to stop growing brassicas in that spot.

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