Folding Garden Kneeler

Anyone used one of these type seats while working around your fruit trees and in the yard. I’m planning to get one and was wondering if one is better than another. Any advice and comments are welcome. The picture below is the first one that popped up when I goggled it but not necessarily the one that I want.

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I have a neighbor who swears by hers. I use a fairly simple seated rolling cart because I have trouble bending over and sometimes get dizzy. In my small garden, I can roll up and down the rows and store basics under the lid.

Hope you find what works best for you.

It probably works well for sitting if what you have to do is located about 2-3 foot high from the ground. If you need to weed, you have to kneel, it could be problematic to do it in sitting position, as when you bend down, it tries to fell forward. To do such work while sitting I prefer garden rocker:
image .

Interesting looking! I will have to check into this. Yes it can be difficult to weed. I had raised beds once but it didnt go so well. Im thinking of going back which might help a bit for weeding.

Thanks for sharing

It is in the mail. I think that I will like my Christmas present.


I bought one similar to that at a garage sale, but find it too high to be practical. I used to have a very low padded turtle stool that worked better for picky weeding. That fell apart, so now I just kneel on the ground or a piece of cardboard.

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I have one that is similar. I don’t sit on it as much as use it for a kneeler. the side bars really help with getting back on my feet.


I got one just like that maybe 10 or 15 years ago from Lowes or Home Depot for $20. It didn’t have the bags. I still use it and it works well. I’ve also carried it around with me at an orchard tour to have someplace to sit. I use it when I’m grafting, and sometimes planting. It’s convenient and very portable.

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Yes, mine was green. I used it for planting my raised beds, to save my knees! It was perfect for that. Plus its a hight seat, that easy easy to sit on.

At the end of the day in garden, I plopped into a chair and it became a side table for a glass of wine, so I could admire my work!


The one I bought has the extra wide seat, A friend gave me one with the typical narrow seat. Maybe only 2" difference in width but the extra width makes a big difference in stability.

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This topic interests me. Thank you, Bill for posting it.

Could anyone recommend any particular brand or company, please?

I see price variation. I have a thought of “you get what you pay for” in my head.


I’ve used a milk crate for years, but it requires a folded towel on top to prevent “crate butt”.


You are right. I think mine was made by gardenway. Not sure. Two side pockets, not one and very sturdy. It didn’t wobble.


The $20 one I got from Lowes years ago remains very sturdy, very slight surface rust, after having left outside numerous times. I doubt the more expensive ones are better built.

That said, the one I see at Lowes now, looks like they don’t form the tube steel as robustly as some of the others I see. The two I linked look like they are probably sturdy.

Sometimes what you pay for is branding and channel for identical product. That’s frustrating sometimes when you are willing to pay more for better but don’t know if that correlation exists.

I’m sure there are some junky ones by now.

I just ordered one of these for $15, I can report back if its any good:


I have the green one like @galinas. I like it . . . until it wants to tip over backwards! If I’m not on a flat surface - it can be a wild ride!

@Auburn - I think I am going to look for one like the one you picture here on this post. I like the fact that if you turn it over - it’s a kneeler with some arm support for getting back up . . . so I don’t have to depend completely on my back. The one with the garden pouches is cool. Guess you can pop them off and put them on again - once you turn the thing over?

Crate Butt! That’s funny, @AndySmith !
I guess I get ‘Bucket Butt’ . . . cause I use an upside down Lowes or paint bucket a lot. I do like the simple foam pads with the handle cut-out. But they are always too small when I just want to plant myself, on my butt, underneath a tree - to weed or prune suckers. It is times like those when I resort to the elaborate Cardboard Kneeler that @northwoodswis4 uses.

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I thought I got mine from Amazon but couldn’t find it when I searched back orders. It was quite a few years ago… maybe 10 yrs?? and it is still in great shape.

It looks like the one that Auburn has pictured. Yes, the pouches come right off.

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