For those of you who bought from when did you get your bareroot trees shipped

I bought 5 bare root cherry trees from They said my trees are in when I called but they said they may not ship until January when I preordered my trees in September. When I asked her when my trees would ship out the person on the phone took out a nasty tone so I did not want to pursue it farther with her. Now it does not seem right that when I preordered way back in September that I would be that far down the line. When did you guys get your trees shipped out from

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I ordered 4 dozen tree from another site around the same time. I just got my trees shipped in today. They have to wait until the trees go dormant before they can dig them and get them shipped. It is not unusual to get trees delivered in January.

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Bear root trees are usually shipped based in the zone, not based on the order time


Over the years maybe a dozen orders, always received them a few days before Christmas.

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I always receive my trees from GrowOrganic end of December or early Jan. Persimmons alone come a little later - Mid Jan. This is for my location in CA. They are usually the fastest to ship - I always receive trees from them before anyone else.

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When I lived in San Jose I got both orders delivered in January

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When ordered in the fall, they sent them to me in early January.

2/13/2018 … 2/21/2018
11/15/2018 . 1/5/2019
11/22/2019 . 1/11/2020

GrowOrganic doesn’t hold shipments, so the only way to get them later is to order them later. This year, they’ve already run out of most jujubes, so that strategy isn’t without its risks. All 3 times I ordered from them, I was able to plant almost immediately, as I got lucky with cold snaps and snowcover. But, I did save a couple trees in the garage from Jan until April in a 5 gal bucket with moist sawdust. They both did fine as well.


from memory, I think my source was a YouTube video of theirs but I can’t find it: groworganic deals in california-grown trees which can’t be dug until dormant late in the year, November/December, and they lack refrigerated storage so they also can’t hold onto them past January/February. so everyone gets their trees at about the same time (as fast as they can process them after receipt from the grower, I think almost all being from DWN)

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Last year they shipped to me on December 26th.

As a side note I’ve always been impressed with the trees I get from them, especially considering the price of most.


They sell out of things fast for sure. I bought 2 rainier, 2 Utah Giant and 1 Bing all dwarf. They have already totally sold out of Bing and their Cherry Bomb so it would not surprise me if they quickly sell out of the Rainier and Utah Giant I wanted as well way before April in our area where bare root plants are typically planted. Being in zone 5 I would be the last area the cherry trees would be ready for.

Good to hear their trees are good. Since they are all Dave Wilson Trees they will be easy to identify too since all are color coated.

I know the cherry trees I bought are Dave Wilson trees because I read somewhere that newroot-1 is a zaiger patent and that Dave Wilson seems to own the patent. I was mostly wondering because they said they had the trees already there. I don’t mind that they are Dave Wilson trees because apparently Dave Wilson trees are color coated which lowers the risk of getting the wrong tree. It does sound like I won’t be getting my trees until very late December or January which is not the end of the world. I am just eager to get my trees.

They don’t even sell them that long. The first year I ordered from them on 2/13, it was from their end-of-the-season sale.

I wondered how long they try to sell them. Like I said if you want a dwarf Bing or Cherry bomb they are already sold out for the season and preorders are still being shipped out. I think it is like anything this year where anything plant related that can produce fruit is going to be completely sold out almost right away. I remember last spring by the time it was planting season where I am everything was completely sold out.

I would not recommend Grow Organic. Their non tree products are fine, but their fruit trees
leave a lot to be desired. Two years ago I bought three trees from them. One of them failed to break
dormancy, One died a few months after planting and the third is definitely mislabled. They only
guaranteed the tree that failed to break dormancy and I was required to pay shipping in order to
replace it. The shipping was more than the tree cost. Buy from somebody else. I’ll never buy from them

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Main issue is I can’t find anyone else who sells newroot-1 rootstock online.

Their jujubes have been top quality. Even though they are reselling DWN trees, there is a difference in how much root-pruning (maybe other pruning too, but I didn’t check) each nursery does before they send it. In the below post, I compared their trees vs those from Bay Laurel.

I don’t think it is conclusive due to sample size, but I have noticed their trees have been among the strongest growers (Chinese Red Date trees have also done very well and they also have lots of roots).

At least half of the trees planted before this year (about a dozen) have produced so far, and as far as I can tell all have been true to name.


I have read that their root pruning can be over done in some cases on some daves garden reviews. These are typically on orders of 10 or 15 trees on daves garden so my guess is since they have a flat rate shipping on trees of 30 dollars they fit all the trees in one box. I am guessing that to get 10 tree root balls in the box they may have to over prune them. I am curious how many plants rayrose bought. I am going to head over and see your comparison on the tree roots.

I also recommend topping the tree at planting as they do trim the roots considerably!

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I got a shipment notification today for 7 DWN trees from groworganic

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