Formosen carpet rasberry

Some of you may remember this thread Looking for ideas on what to plant
Why wouldnt the berry mentioned above work?
Anyone here growing it?
Someone even mentioned within this comment section at the bottom Creeping Bramble, Creeping Raspberry, Creeping Rubus, Crinkle-leaf Creeper Rubus pentalobus what sounds like a very similar scenario as what I have and yet its thriving.

I planted a couple starts of a carpet raspberry the last couple years and even though they should be plenty hardy I never get them to overwinter.

My assumption is that they don’t like being mulched by leaves in winter. They looked good in the fall, they were gone this spring


It is hardy and some varieties fruit nicely here in Portland.
Do Florida nurseries local to you sell this?

I have Formosan Raspberry that has been thriving, here in the Baltimore area, 7a. I’ve only grounded since early last fall, in other words it has survived the winter and now it’s starting to progress and flourish in the spring. I have not yet seen any flowers, nor any fruit. We had a relatively mild winter, but the plants showed absolutely no winter damage weather from leaf cover, nor freezing temperatures. I do not know how invasive it is,I’m growing it on the edge of a small lawn, so if necessary I should be able to mow it.

In that original thread the OP was looking for something that spread quickly. In Florida. The only thing that had worked for me is strawberries. I pull a few hundred a year out. Yet 35 miles away at my cottage they have not worked. But the ones here are different cultivars and I have not tried them up there.
I do grow a ground raspberry and it made it two winters. But is far from thriving. You need two and one is doing well but the other is a very small clump.

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I have yet to find a Florida nursery that sells anything but the most common. There are nurseries that will sell plants that have no chance of surviving unless they are kept in pots and brought indoors but Im not interested in these.

These plants clearly come from much further south.

I was lucky enough to find a Mayhaw tree once ( which is doing phenomenal )