Four Questions


Normally I’d try to find an existing thread but these are a diverse set of questions…

  1. Any ideas on what its happening to this contender peach? Second year in my yard. Emerged healthy. Nearby peaches look fine. Not a water problem. Happening to most of the branches.

  1. Do bench grafts ever emerge really late or delayed like a bud graft can? Should I give them a whole year before removing and trying again? (vs chip grafting in a couple of months)

  2. Too late to graft this nectarine with dormant scions? We just haven’t had the right weather. Maybe next week.

  3. Should I repot these fig cuttings before summer heat hits (not much soil mass to resist temps) or in the fall so (same but for winter) or just leave them be until next year? I doubt they are root bound or anything.

Thanks for all your support!

I’ve had one take 60 days to leaf out.

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I’m about that with a number of them.

I examined the peach a little closer and found white flies and a small grub worm that I’m guessing is peach twig borer.

#1 At first glance I thought PLC, but then I saw the aphids.Try neem spray.

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It’s possible but rare to have PLC in Utah. It has been a cold wet spring. I’ll watch it.

The “white flies” could be green peach aphid carcasses. Not really a problem after mid June.

Yes looks like aphid carcasses - a good sign of predation. Maybe try high pressure spray to dislodge remaining aphids. Even with severe PLC, tree regrows leaves and looks normal after PLC leaves drop.

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I’ve actually had an apple leaf out the next year… but that was only once out of like 400 trees.

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happens quite often in colder enviroments.

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Pic # 3 with your zone, it is not too late. I usually grafted peaches and nectarine around this time when temp is in about 70F for a few days in a row. If your area is dry, make sure you water the mother tree before you graft. Well-hydrated trees give you an edge.

#4 I keep figs in pots for 2-3 years before I either root prune or up-pot them.

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