Free Orchard tracking software

Hope this is the right spot for this!

A little while ago I posted a question (Apples tree grafting: Multiple scions on first year rootstock - #4 by schme16), the TL;DR is that I was going to have more scions than rootstocks and was getting some advice on first year double bench grafting.
As it transpired I was able to sure up my rootstock numbers at the last minute, but that left me with a new problem - I now had 25 new Apple trees, plus another seven commercially grafted Apples, and not to mention 10 citrus, etc, etc.
I have the space just fine, but keeping a physical notebook of what each plant was up to was getting unruly (“Where was the note about what time this flowered last year?”). Being as my day job is as a web developer I figured I could whip something up to help, and after putting a bit of work in I figured I’d reach out and see if it’d useful to others!

The software is free, you only need to register for the sake of keeping your own orchard private (though I’m definitely going to make a read-only shareable link so people can show off their collections!)

It’s pretty straight forward, but the gist is:

  • Create an account

  • Either create a plant, or if the plant type you need isn’t present, create a plant type first

  • Fill out the data

  • Save

A small note: The app doesn’t track by years, it’s tracks by periods, so for example, if my Anna apple is has leaves from August through to June, the app tracks that period every year, saving re-entering it every year.

Here’s the link:

And again, this is not a commercial product, there aren’t any ads, or other forms of monetization. Just a tool I made that might help others, that I thought I could share!

Feature requests, bug reports, comments, etc, all extremely welcome!


Interesting software. TY for posting this for us to review.

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Cool, thanks for sharing! I like how it graphs bloom dates and ripening dates for quick comparison. A feature I’d like to see would be a button export the data, maybe in CSV or some similar format. As a cidermaker I’d also like to be able to have more measures, like Brix.

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Great feedback!

I’ve added a specific field fort Brix now (plus a comments box). I’ll add export to cvs/xlsx/json/etc in a day or two!

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