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I purchased 250 Lulo aka Naranjilla (Solanum quitoense) seeds. I will send anyone in the forum 10 seeds. Only request is you post your progress. Lulo has a long time to maturity 6 months, so it best to start indoors asap. This is my second attempt at growing Lulo. Germination was easy no more difficult then eggplant or other solanums. I didn’t start the seeds early enough that year so I didn’t get fruit. I have tasted several Lulo products at my local international grocery stores. The juice is delicious.

Lulo’s like humidly and partial shade, two things I have in abundance in DC.

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They almost look like persimmons! I read the description that said they could be sweet/sour, but that could mean so many things. What would you compare them to?

Its been a while. I will buy a pack of frozen Lulo and let you know. But discovery is half the fun. and it wont take two-three years like planting a Nadia would.

Sending you a PM

So you are growing it as annual?

@Gsmeyer72 @tessie5 @Sara_in_philly @danzeb @Hillbillyhort
Your seeds are in the mail.

Plenty left if anyone wants some.

Thank you so much
I have cape gooseberry seed I could send you
Like a ground cherry ,but needs a longer season.
Good flavor ,should have started earlier .

Also , tamarillo , tree tomatoe ,no seed , fruit yet ,but if it fruits next summer, I’ll send you seed

Thanks, If I had a real greenhouse I would do just not space for a tomatillo. Right now I dont need any Physalis, I already bought replacement seeds. I had been growing Cape gooseberry’s for 10 years. I planted once and they self seeded till I put elderberrys in there spot. My family was crazy for cape gooseberries but I could never actualy taste them just bland to me, weird. Recently I bought some in the grocery store recently and they did taste good to me. So I am giving them another shot.

Thank you very much!

Received the seeds today. Thank you

@lordkiwi, seeds received, thank you! Will keep you updated.

I picked this up at my local grocery and I can finally give you an answer. The pulp is 100% fruit and a little stabilizer. I diluted with water based on the instructions on the back 1 part pulp 2 parts water. And sweetened to taste. And it tasted like Watermelon, Pineapple, Passion fruit.

Seeds are still available if anyone is interested.


It has been 3 weeks since I started seeds, nothing comes up yet. Anyone else has any result?

I planted more then 10 but I do now have 5 coming up. I am going to cover the tray with plastic wrap and punch a few holes in it to let them breath. I will send you a few more seeds.

How long did it take for your seeds to come up? If it’s shorter than 3 weeks, Maybe I did something wrong.

I would say that its about the same time. Covering the tray might help.

Ok, I will cover the tray. Maybe it will sprout soon. Thanks!

still sending seeds?

These stupid things caught my eye (stupid because every time I think I am done, something new shows up…honeyberry, jujube, and romance cherries were all also stupid this year) when I also saw them in an exotic seed catalog.

the grocery ones seem to be both larger and more tart than the ones I get from “Aunt Molly’s” seed and ground cherry plants sold in nurseries (which may well be the same thing). I like both, but the tarter ones are better. We got some in Spain like 6 years ago that were bigger still, almost medium cherry tomato sized, but ate them all…if I knew then what I know now I’d have saved at least one and seeded it

Yes, Wednesday when I get back, these are not groundcherry though they grow similarly