Free Seeds / Growing Naranjilla

No I was replying to a different post about ground cherries. These are much slower to fruit from what I see but I get a lot of heat in the southern corner against the house… P.m. my address?


Anyone else, please pm me i have plenty seeds to share.

Just planted my seeds today. I read that it can take 5 to 6 weeks. Glad yours are coming up. I’ll report when I see some growth. I’ll put mine on a heat mat and maybe that will speed things up.

Some stragglers are starting to spring up now.

And here is the progress of the first to immerge

Everyone whom requested more seeds should have them in the mail shortly. I missed placed the seeds I bought last year so I sent seeds from an older vial I got a few years ago. I just found the newer seeds and can send some of those also

Plenty seeds available to anyone who wants to join the fun.

Did you ship mine lasy week kiwi?

preaty sure I did.

I have one seed sprouted, waiting for the rest of seeds to sprout.

By the way, I got the second envelope you sent. Unfortunately, only part of envelope and the opening of the ziplock were left. People at post office said it probably was caught up by the machine. The Post Office did “apologize sincerely”.

Since the first batch already started to sprout, I am good. Thank you!

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How are the Naranjillas coming? Unfortunately mine never germinated.

For me its going quite well. I should have sent everyone more seeds. I had plenty. I had 9 heathy plants and I sent 2 to @Sara_in_philly and @Hillbillyhort I am keeping 2 but the other 3 are too small. I expect them to take off when they finally go outside maybe I can share cuttings.

I planted all the seeds you sent, but none of them grew.

How did you plant your seeds?

Received the two seedlings, they are in good shape. You packed so well!
Thank you! I will let they sit in the shade for a few days before I plant them.

PM me your PayPal account, Let me at least reimburse you the shipping cost.

ready to transplant

Then this happens (3rd plant)

worth a shot

As requested,here is my progress report.
Of the two seedlings, one promptly died.
The other is growing like gangbusters.
A spectacular looking plant !


wow, that looks awesome. I hope a solo plant sets fruit.

Looking awesome. Nothing I am growing this year is growing well. Just the last month it seems to have started to change for the better.

my ground cherries over grew the Lulo so I moved it today to an open spot.

I did stumble on fresh at my local international store

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I have my first blooms. ! ! !
As far as I have read, I believe, one plant should be fruitful,
( should not need another for pollination ?)
So I am hopeful.
Those thorns are looking pretty mean !
I have been keeping some distance, so I can not say if they are as mean as they look.
Hopeful of fruit soon…


I gave up on my seeds and dumped the container back in the tub I keep my potting soil in, then I used some of the soil in other pots. When I ended up with some little plants I didn’t know what they were, I left them to grow. When they got big enough I compared them to some Naranjilla photos. So I have 2 plants. Wicked looking thorns on them. I don’t know if they will get big enough to make fruit this year. Have you tried to keep them inside for the winter? They would freeze outside here.
Hillbillyhort, How tall are your plants?
Here is mine, taken about a week ago, it is growing nicely now.

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That is lovely.

those thorns are no joke.

Thats nature for you. I sure I will be overwintering my babies this year.