Free Seeds / Growing Naranjilla


Thank you so much for the seeds! Here is mine!


I know I should separate them but the thorns were killing me!:joy:


but you must.


It’s about 3’ tall
And about that wide…
And growing !


I didn’t know they had edible fruit or what is their name. I’ve been pulling them out of my garden for several years and finally got them eradicated. Now I find out they are edible.


If you are in zone 7, I believe you are talking about
Horse nettle, (solanum carolinensse )
It looks very similar "in pictures " to the plant being discussed here.
Horse nettle has a green – yellow berry , that is poisonous!
These are different plants.!


I still have Naranjilla seeds (Solanum quitoense) to share if you want to grow the more useful cousin.


That makes sense, I wouldn’t have thought that plant would have made it here by natural means.


Lordkiwi, will the seeds keep until next spring? I think it is too late to plant them now. I could start them in Feb with my peppers and tomatoes.


The seeds keep quite well, the ones I sent out where 1 and 3 years old. I am also saving seeds from the fruits I got from the grocery. They are slow to germinate so I suggest starting them in January well before your tomatoes and peppers. Just PM your address.


Have you had any fruit set? I transplanted mine to a less shady location and they decided to put on some more volume.


No fruit set yet.
Several clusters of flowers.
Soon I hope


I have several flower clusters forming.


fruit set