Freeze damage apples, what can I use them for?

I left a bucketfull of HC apples in my garage. Temp outside went down to 24 F. Did not how what was the temp in the garage (Should be a few degree higher).

Unfortunately, several HC showed signs of freeze danage when cut open. Hate to throw them away. What can we do with with them?. Can I make apple sauce? Anything else?

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Freezer apple pie filling? seems like winner to me

You mean peel them all, cut them to slices and freeze them to be used for pie filling in the future?

in a nut shell, a little lemon juice and sugar is the real preservative.

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It’s been reported before that Honeycrisp must be held in storage at around 40 degrees…whereas most grocery store apples are kept near 32.

I picked a few apples of unknown varieties yesterday. They were essentially frozen when picked. It got down to 24f the night before. Actually they had an interesting frozen slushy like texture and I enjoyed eating one right off the tree. I thought for sure they would be mush once thawed but I threw a couple in the fridge anyways. To my surprise they crisped up nicely and are actually in pretty good shape. They are much sweeter than the same variety that I picked before frost. Are there varieties that hold up well when frozen?

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