Freezing corn on the cob

I’ve always shucked and silked corn, boiled 5 minutes, chill in cold water, then freeze in ziploc bags. I decided to try a different method this year after reading about it online and talking about it with a couple of people who use the method.

Basically, pull off all the shucks except a single layer, cut off the tip end of the ear, place in ziploc bags and freeze. I got between 6 and 8 ears in each gallon bag. Only the best ears make it as corn on the cob, I make creamed corn with the rest. So how does it taste? It is the closest to fresh corn out of the garden that I’ve ever eaten. It can be microwaved 2 to 3 minutes per ear or shuck and boil like usual. Either way is delicious.

100% thumbs up!


No blanching before freezing? This sounds too easy! I like it.


How we we’ve been doing it for years. Vacuum sealing works best.

old picture from 2017 garden harvest


That sounds delicious! I thought blanching was supposed to help preserve the flavor but maybe not! I’ll have to try it next year although it’s too bad it takes up more room in the freezer. My children would be thrilled with corn on the cob all winter!


We’ve been freezing it, in-shuck in gallon ziploc bags for years. 30 minutes in the oven (or, alternatively, 3+ minutes in the microwave, and it’s good to go.
One of the Mrs. friends told her she just freezes it in the shucks, with no bag or wrapping, so she’s trying that this time… it’s handy to be able to slip an ear in here or there, where there’s an odd little space in the freezer. Time will tell as to whether or not they’re gonna get freezer-burned or what…

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Allow to defrost, soak bag in a sink with water is fairly quick. Shucks and silk comes off very easy. Steam untill hot, eat, really good :yum: Boiling, is OK but looses a lot of flavor, feed water to fowl. Microwave, not so good :-1:


That is the way we have always done it. If i’m in a hurry and harvest a couple of trashbags of corn we do it all in the field. When i get home i’m beat tired and drop the trashbags in the freezer. Later in the slower time of the year we break it down into smaller gallon or quart bags. Corn, green beans, squash, tomatoes, peppers, okra etc. all ripen up at the same time. With fruit to pick it gets to be way to much.

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We just toss them in freezer bags. Take out put frozen on a plate, into the microwave for 5 minutes. (caution, lava hot); cut off the stem end, squeeze and cob comes out without silk and perfect.

Only good till about Dec. First yr saved a few cobs as trial and tried them in Feb; were not really mushy, but flavor was gone.