French improved prune?

Anyone here have “french improved prune”? Is this what yours looks like? Definitely collection-WORTHY. Sweet with very subtle perfume undertone.


Here is the description.

Foundation Plant Services.

Yours looked different than mine esp. the bottom end.

Mine was not ripe. It got knocked off by accident. Mine will ripen in two weeks.
@scottfsmith has this variety. He probably can tell you whether or not yours was a correct variety.

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Those are beautiful. Is the tree in full sun? (Or graft in full sun?). they are usually a bit more blue.

It is hard to tell from a couple samples, mine do look more like @mamuang 's but it could be related to growing conditions. The inside color looks right.

Mine all look the same.


Mine are shaped like Mamuang’s, but I have seen pictures of them on websites that look like yours.

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@scottfsmith more samples;


@mamuang Yes my samples are shaped a bit like skinny pears with the narrowed neck… What does yours look inside? My seeds are easy to remove but have a 3mm thick layer of flesh stuck to it as seen in one of the photos.

@mrsg47 not sure who you’re asking but i don’t remember the tree’s exact positioning…i do remember my source’s backyard had trees kept at about 8-10ft tall and we’re spread out enough…all on northern side of house.

The inside when fully ripe looked similar to yours, amber, sweet and arommatic.

However, this year, all most all of them have cracked, rotted and dropped. I do not know if I will have any good ones left to ripen, to be honest.

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I think that is French Improved… just the climate making them look a bit different.

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Luther Burbank is one of my heroes. This prune looks too good.
Thanks for the heads up on this cultivar.:handshake:

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Kind of late to this post, but I have a prune scion labeled Petite D’Agen. They are still green at this point, but they are definitely shaped like little pears - unlike any of my other prunes…


Empress on the left, Petite D’Agen on the right:

Petite D’Agen close up:


@SpokanePeach hi 1)do you have photos of your french plum inside and out fully ripened? 2) How would you describe the taste? 3) how different is it from the Empress?

I did not take photos of any of my ripe Petite D’Agen, and I don’t remember if the flesh was greenish or amber. What I do recall is that they were exceptionally sweet. 30+ brix. So, it stacks up really well against the rest of my prune varieties. Empress was in the low to mid twenties, and both are on the same tree. Empress is very big, and Petite D’Agen is very small as prunes go.

Still, it is important to realize that all of my plum grafts are 2, 3, or 4 years old so sample sizes are still relativly small. Petite D’Agen is the best I’ve grown so far.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to love prunes the way I love peaches, nectarines and apricots. Of the Euro plums I’ve grown I seem to gravitate to the gage types over the prunes.

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Left to right:
Coe’s Golden Drop, Middleburg(?), French Improved, mirabelle Parfume de Septembre