French produce dept

I have quite a few pics from my favorite supermarket in France. It us called Grand Frais= Big Fresh. The produce is outstanding . Only store to buy fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving.


Look at the leeks, they are amazing.


It must be quite a cultural shock for you as a native US citizen to be living in a country where food, in the largest meaning of the word, is a religion… More than 400 different cheeses. A new one every day of the year! And if you add all fermier cheeses produced in France (small batch and very small quantity) you approach 600 different cheeses!

The native baguette bread, the pâtisseries, the alcoholic liqueurs, incredible jams etc…

Do you realize your karma, my dear??? You must have been a good person in a former life…


Thank you. I appreciate every day here. Who wouldn’t ? I plan on trying every one of those cheeses! They are fabulous. I am very lucky.


Take pics of Rungis. Its the largest market in the world. 5 mi. south of Paris.

Next year, I’ll be in France for 2 weeks, I’ll see if I can go there. I won’t be cooking, but it’s nice to just see them.

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I have not seen a market like that here. Are there any markets like that in the USA? If not, why not?

Great looking produce. Thank you for posting such great photos.


Come visit!


Rungis is usually for distributers as they sell in bulk.

I like the flowers there, but not sure anybody would buy the whole block of cheese.

I having been coming to France since I was 8. Its a beautiful day here every day!


Such beautiful produce! Neat to see some of the large squash/pumpkin are also sold cut up if one cannot use such a large whole one.

Sure puts my local piggly wiggly supermarket to shame! When can I move to France? Good wine, cheese and bread. Almost all one needs.

I was so happy just to finally find some decent persimmons a few weeks ago. Normally never carried at my supermarket. Wish I had got more when they had them. They also had some nice Comice pears for a few years then never again. We always look each week in Fall but to no avail. Who is hoarding all the Comice in america?

Neat to hear you can get fresh cranberries there. Grown in France or imported? Just asking since I live in Wisconsin where we have a thriving cranberry industry.

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Funny but pears are really the fruit of choice in the winter, along with apples. There are quite a few varieties of persimmons in the marketplaces but mostly you see buckets of them just hanging on the trees all winter long. Even the birds do not eat them. Don’t know why? And yes, the wines and cheeses are the best.