Fruit identification challenge

Hi all,

There’s a tree in my neighborhood (San Francisco bay area) that has these mysterious fruits. does anyone know what they are? the flesh is a bit like sugar apple flesh – soft and extremely sweet. (I know, I know, I shouldn’t eat a fruit I haven’t identified.) I thought it might be pawpaw, but the seeds are white, not brown.


here is what the seeds look like (ignore the red goji berries on the side)

It would be helpful if you provided a picture of the overall tree and some pictures of the leaves, branch structure and the hanging fruit.

Your right you shouldn’t eat unidentified fruit. It could be sweet and poisonous for all you know. Ethylene glycol is both sweet and poisonous.

White Sapote?


yeah, I was worried the fruits alone might be hard to identify. I’ll go out shortly to get some pictures of the branches and leaves and then post them here.

ok, here are some more pictures. @mamuang I think you might be right – it looks similar to pictures of white sapote trees that I see online.

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White Sapote.

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thanks for the identification! they’re great. I’m going to try propagating some from the seeds I collected.

You’ll be happier if you obtain the cultivar “Suebelle”.