Fruit Maturity Charts Links

It’s that time when we have to judge ripening. I find these charts from Grampa’s Orchard handy.


It is in the Reference category but putting it here is helpful because many newer members may not use or know about our Reference or the Guides categories.

Bloom and Ripening Charts.


Thanks, Tipi. I had forgotten that -happens more and more lately!- and so I dug it out from Grampa … Maybe next time I want to take a look I’ll remember. We can hope.


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I downloaded theirs few years back. They are way far north of me, yet have very similar ripening times. ACN has another downloadable one for the mid-atlantic growers. It’s nice to find several of them, because they don’t have all the fruit varieties on them.

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If I have a reference fruit tree or two, can I basically shift everything else I have later in the year based on this ripening chart?

For example, this chart has the Flavortop nectarine ripening in mid-July, but my Flavortop ripens in late August (1.5 months). Same with the a Stella cherry, that ripens about 1 month later in early July where I live.

My Sweet Treat pluerry and Arctic Jay nectarine are first year with no fruit. But the chart shows them ripening around the same time as the Flavortop in the chart, so I would anticipate a similar late August harvest?

It also shows an Elephant Heart plum ripening two weeks after a Honeycrisp apple, which for me are late September. I normally think of plums as being ripe well before apples, but the Elephant Heart would be approach our first frost date in theory based on this chart…

Just trying to do some planning for what to buy next and space out the harvest…

Theoretically, yes. But I don’t know if it works that way really; sometimes ripening dates just haven’t behaved for me.

Other people know a lot more about this than I, but my understanding is that part of what affects a fruits behavior in one year has as much to do with conditions the year previous as it does to do with the current year. One year my Winesaps were early, this year my Pristine and Pixie Crunch are late. I dunno.

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You are correct. I have the DW chart as well, but their season is so much longer than mine that it does not match up.