Fruit salad recipes for the family

fruit salad recipes are easy to make, just look into your refrigerator and see what is available, and try something simple. Make your plate as colorful as you can with fresh fruits.

If you are always in a rush and trying not to eat junk food, we suggest salads. which is not a complicated thing to make. Just add fruits together. You can make this for any occasion, but it is an incredible choice for parties. Just use your imagination. Add whatever you think it’s fun and fits your theme. Have no worries about getting messy.

colorful and easy

Suppose you have kids that tend not to eat fruit, putting this colorful fruit salad in front of them will tempt them to take the fruit salad.


  • Fresh fruit (banana, orange, apple, pomegranate), chopped up
  • Melon, chopped up
  • Mint, three leaves
  • Juice, one lemon
  • Honey, two teaspoons
  • Salt, just a pinch of it

All the fruits should be put in a bowl with two tablespoons of honey and some mint leaves. Plus salt, which is used to bring all the flavors in balance. Mix them very gently and refrigerate them for 30 minutes.

Different colors, different textures

We use different fruits to achieve as many different textures and colors as possible. For this reason, we unpeeled the apple.

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  • One medium Apple, not peeled and chopped in medium size
  • A cup of blueberry (optional you can use frozen if it is not available in season)
  • One banana, sliced
  • One kiwi(optional), peeled and sliced
  • One cup of strawberry, sliced
  • One cup of grapes, cut in half
  • Peaches (optional, you can use frozen ones if it is not available in season)


  • Three spoons of fresh orange juice
  • A tablespoon of fresh lime juice
  • Eight teaspoons of powdered ginger

Mix all of the sauce ingredients with a fork and set aside.

Put the fruits in a pretty large bowl and stir them all. Mix all flavors of fruits available in our recipe. As the apples and bananas will soon turn gray, do not put them aside for a long time.

In the next step, add sauce over fruit. Blend the salad very gently until all flavors meet each other. in the final step. Transfer it to a dessert dish. This dish is also an excellent side dish or dessert.

The easiest fruit salad ever

This fruit salad is very easy. You can serve it as a light dessert or a delicious breakfast.


  • Two bananas, sliced
  • One apple, chunked
  • Approximately one cup of marshmallow
  • A small can of pineapple, chunked
  • A can of fruit cocktail
  • A handful of Walnut
  • One small container of cool whip
  • A can of mandarin oranges
  • One small handful of seedless grapes(optional)

Open all your cans and drain out all the fruit juice. Put in grapes and bananas, followed by walnuts and marshmallows.

then add cool whip. mix the ingredients very gently.
This is how it would look like after all.

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All my friends and family practically know me for my fruit salads, they know when I host a party, fruit salad is never canceled. they always want me to give them fruit salad recipes and I usually recommend this one. Every time I host a party for the family and friends. Everyone expects me to prepare this one for them.

Pink salad

This is one of the best fruit salad recipes among all fruit salad recipes. This is a wonderful salad for summer or spring. With this salad, you can bring all your family and friends together around the table and have a great time laughing, eating, and enjoying this great salad.

  • Cool whip (as much as needed)
  • A can of cocktail
  • A can of pineapple chunk
  • A can cherry pie filling
  • Sweet condensed milk (as much as needed)
  • A handful of Pecan
  • 2 tablespoons of Coconut powdered

Pour out the extra juice of the pineapple chunks, and cocktail. then add cherries. This gets your salad a pink color, after that add condensed milk and cool whip. If you want to add some nuts add some pecans, the more the better. Afterward, there will be coconut, marshmallow, and then you are done. now we mix it. Continue mixing until it gets pink.

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Now, it is your turn to try these fruit salad recipes.


Great recipes and suggestions. I have not made the one recipe you posted in years. Thank you for reminding me about it. Now I want to go the store and get the ingredients.

It’s not exactly fruit salad and it’s not exactly a waldorf either. This is my version of a waldorf salad. Sorry I didn’t measure anything and I never do but it’s always eaten up pretty fast. I used arkansas black apples from @39thparallel orchard and my own Duchess d’ angoulme pears. Any type of nuts are fine I used English walnuts . Some people add celery but I don’t have any this of year. Many other people use yogurt or mayonnaise and not miracle whip.


What is that neat coring tool called?

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That tool is an oxo but the knockoffs are becoming common now as well. It’s a great tool for someone who needs to slice lots of apples. I apologize that i just saw your post. If you add an @ and my username it notifies me.

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One of our best selling items at farmers market is fruit salad. There is no recipe. We just put some of whatever berries and other small fruits we have that day into pint and half-pint punnets. We got started doing it when we didn’t have enough remaining strawberries or blueberries for a full pint, so we combined them and added some black caps and red raspberries. They were bought immediately. We’ve also added gooseberries, blackberries, and pink champagne currants. The combination will change from week to week.