Fruit tree seedlings?

I could have sworn there was a thread just for photos of fruit tree seedlings, but I couldn’t find it.

I’ve got probably too many seeds starting this spring… here’s an incomplete list:

  • 160 avocados for the ol’ project
  • 5 shiranui citrus all from the same polyembryonic seed
  • About a dozen black sapote seeds
  • 10 palmetto seeds
  • A large community pot of ice cream bean seeds
  • A community pot of misc stone fruit seeds
  • About a dozen osage orange to be che rootstocks later
  • A handful of apple seeds from a Lucy Glo fruit

Only two of the Lucy Glo seedlings have popped, one with pink stems and one with green stems:

Anyone else have photos of baby seedlings to share?


Here are some seedling apricots


Just a few, huh? Are those for a breeding effort to or for use as rootstocks?

It was a breeding effort.


Loquats. Looking a bit worn from the harsh winter.


Living in a ‘Mediterranean’ 9b in California, I’m periodically allured by zone pushing. Subtropicals are good to go, so I’m trying some more tropical fare. I’ve offered these little guys a sheltered part of the yard as well as a few nights in the garage when I anticipated frost. Pretty modest accommodations.

Here are some “surviving” mango and achachairu. The achacha in the back left may actually not be surviving, I guess we’ll see.

A surviving canistel and a couple Ross sapote. Black sapote, sapodilla, and some more achacha.

Some surviving tropical guavas, Mexican Cream, Camina Laguna, Amarela (yellow), Cuban (pink).

Should be enough to keep playing with in the Spring.


I cant resist germinating seeds. Trying some apricots this year. Seed from grocery store is way cheaper than rootstock plus you get fruit. These were to test germination, bypassed stratification. I got 25 more in the fridge to hopefully plant out once spring starts. Tallest one was born Jan 30th. About a foot tall.

put about 40 euro plum pits in my garden bed, hope some pop up.


Here are most of mine. These are the seeds from nectaplums, pluots and apple. There were also supposed to be cherries and shiro plums, but I lost those seeds before it was time to stratify (actually lost, they might still be in my kitchen, I might have thrown them away).

All of the nectaplums are from SpiceZee Nectaplums, only one is red, and it’s the fastest growing. The others are green. I’m curious to see how similar these are to the the fruit they’re from, because they’re all hybrids. I hope the fruit is good, but I’m prepared to remove and replace if they’re inedible. Although, I’d be ok with the red one just being ornamental.


Hello, excited to find this category. I am trying to identify one of my seedlings and have come up completely baffled! any idea what this is? thanks in advance!

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Are you sure it’s a fruit tree? Is there any list of possibilities, or at least a broad category like “tropical fruit” or “fruit you can get at a grocery store” etc?

Unfortunately, I’m not positive it’s a fruit tree. It was labeled as such, but I have so many pots with seeds that are dug through by the bajillion squirrels on my property that it’s quite possible one of them buried some other seed in the pot. It’s growing so quickly and looks so healthy it makes me suspicious (not to mention it doesn’t look like any fruit tree seedling I’ve seen before).

I’d look around your area to see if you see any trees or shrubs with similar leaves, might be easier to identify as a mature tree. But maybe someone else has an idea!


Osage orange seedlings have started coming up finally:

The ice cream bean community pot is showing the first signs of life:

A slug ate through the stem on the reddish Lucy Glo seedling in the first post, and it didn’t recover. The other one is looking healthy, though:


Did you take the nectaplum seeds out of the hard outer shell?

I didn’t bother with it this years because it isn’t easy and I end up breaking a not insignificant percentage of them.

So after stratifying for about 5 months I went ahead and planted them as is a couple of weeks ago.

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I did take them out of the pit. I have had good luck opening them by holding the pit with pliers and gently (very very gently) tapping the pliers with a hammer.


It will be an interesting experiment to see how many come up with the shell left on. I planted 50 from last year’s crop. If I get anything approaching 75% success this way it will save me a step in the future. If not, I’ll just do the extra step next time. If I had only a limited number of stones I likely would have taken the seeds out to ensure success.

Oh, yeah, I only had a few, I wouldn’t do that with 50 either.

My trees are looking nice today. They’re wet because they were outside getting some sun and then it was hailing, so I brought them in.


That red leafed one sure is pretty. I would grow that just for the leaves.


I agree, I have a spot in the front yard that could use a decorative tree, it’ll grow there. The rest will go wherever they fit :joy:

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