Fruitwood Rooted Fig Cuttings

I wanted to try some container figs and started looking around for places to get some. I Fruitwood Nursery has a decent (for a newbie) selection of already rooted cuttings for 5 dollars each, plus 15 bucks in shipping. I ordered; Alma, Black Spanish, Deanna, Emalyn’s Purple, Negronne and Flanders. They came today, I wish I would have had the sense to take pics before they were potted. All but one had a good 2 to 3 inch plug of roots and all look healthy. Hopefully I didn’t kill them putting them into pots. Here they are in my seedling area (west facing bay window) along with strawberries, peppers and tomatoes.


I was so happy with my Fruitwood order! Their site is so bad I was a little apprehensive about ordering from them. My single fig is doing great and my avocado rootstock and scions were healthy and beautiful. Not sure if my grafts are taking but that’s definitely more of an issue with my skill than the materials. Going to pick up some more figs and a bunch of olives now that I know what to expect from them.

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I am so excited your fig is doing well! I was very pleased with their price, selection and the way the figs were packaged.

Very nice! Do not give them too much water until they are well established. Young tender fig roots will easily rot if given too much water (but don’t let them dry out…)


Thanks for the advice! They were nice and moist when we got them, so we lightly watered the in. I used a container potting soil and added extra vermiculite, so I’m hoping to find a good balance!

No problem! It sounds like you are off to a good start. @Naeem has a really good post on establishing fig cuttings and post rooting care. has a lot of good information too. A number of people here also frequent that forum.

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I got some rooted fig cuttings from them Emalyns purple-- the only variety that I really cared to have.

They looked pretty small when I got them but have now taken off better than nearly all my other cuttings which were far larger to begin with. Highly recommend getting rooted fig starts rather than go through the painful fig rooting process.

My figs seem to be doing well 3 weeks in.

Congrats! Those look really nice!

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