Garden Markers


If you have deer use heavy aluminum tags as Derby did and get wire strong enough withstand a deer tugging on it. One of my friends lost several of those shiny tags with small wire.


I used a real set of stamps this time so my letters are better but still not straight, lol. This was an old set of steel stamps that were once my Granddad’s.


Thanks Jason, My grafts looked like they wouldn’t take but have started now. Those look excellent. Thanks for saving that pear!


Your welcome, it has been a fun project. Yes these two grafts on ohxf 87 really are taking off. I have one graft on a franken tree as well that is growing nicely. Thanks for sharing the scion wood


I just cut up pop cans and punch a hole through them. Works great for me, but I’m kind of blue collar.
John S


I used cut-up strips of pie pans with embossing tape labels on them. I punched holes with a paper punch and wired them to the fences around my trees. A large percentage of them ripped at the punch and blew off over the winter. Back to the drawing board. Good thing I also keep a chart of where things are planted.


Just a note of caution for those of you that are using fairly thick stiff wire to hang tags. Yesterday I was doing a little pruning and came across 2 tags that were too tight on the limbs. No serious girdling but I’m glad I found them now before it could’ve gotten worse. I’ve been using 17 gauge aluminum wire and it’s pretty stiff. I think I’ll switch to something a little more flexible.


John, I do that too. Since I dont drink pop or canned beer, I wait for considerate, generous, motorists to throw them out of their cars, where they shine in the sun until someone retrieves them. I do rinse out with 10% bleach solution before cutting them, and wear gloves while cutting them with scissors. Paper punch works fine for making holes.


Hey Bear with me,
I have the same thing. I don’t drink cans, so I pick up pollution. I just rinse with water, but I cut with scissors, and use a paper punch. Works great.
John S


Replying to my own post. I now use stainless safety wire at the advice of another poster. It works great. The small holes are no problem, and I can make a big loop so there is much room for growth without girdling, but I can kind of crimp it so it hugs the limb and won’t get blown off by the wind or something.