Garden pictures 2019

It has been one of the best spring gardens so far. All the lettuce, spinach, radishes, kale, and asparagus we can eat. Had our first dinosaur kale salad for the year and several chard dishes. I lost two eggplants for the first time and had to buy replacements. Peas look great, cabbages too. Should have kholrabi next week.


You make me feel lazy…:flushed::joy:


Your garlic (I think it’s garlic and not leeks) look great. Only thing in my garden looking great right now is garlic. I have a visiting groundhog who ate everything in the garden except garlic, onion and leeks. Everything else is gone. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. My worst spring garden ever! :disappointed:


@Susu Sorry. That is so sad.


Mr. MacGregor would be jealous!


Is your cabbage hearting up already? Mine always takes the entire summer to do so!

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Garden is pretty slow this year, I think it’s all the cold and wet


Ok here’s my garden so far. The main raised beds are not as tidy as i usually keep them because I’ve been focused on expanding into another part of the yard.
Garlic bed

Broad beans in need of a weeding

Peas, just starting to go UP. Last year had tomatoes here.

Raspberries trying to overpower the honeyberries

The new area with potatoes and a strawberry patch


Looks great, I’m sure it was a lot of work.

I don’t have pics, but kinda a report. Last evening we sowed seeds for our garden plots. I tilled them up earlier this week. Here’s what we planted:

Sweet Corn: Ambrosia, Honey Select
Beans: Rattlesnake, Striped Half-Runners
Cucumbers: Straight 8, SMR-58, Marketmore 76
Squash: Grey Zucchini, Yellow Crook Neck
Peas: Thomas Laxton
Okra: Purple

We didn’t plant a lot of beans, okra, or cukes, we had way too many last year. But, we did plant four rows each of the sweet corn, as our crop last year got taken over by the beans.

I am hardening off the tomatoes that I transferred to cups, so those and some earlier sowed plants will go in the garden next week. Looking at about 38 plants, some will go in bigger containers. Also will be planting radishes, potatoes, onions, carrots, and maybe some peppers.


Yes, I bought this type from Lowes. I am unsure what type it is, but is looking great. Chard from Lowes bolted. I also have some summer types and my favorite, the Napa cabbage, which makes a great kimchi.


Well I already pulled the beets and broccoli which were beautiful this year - no pics :hushed:. Below, garlic left (throwing scapes at this time), onions right, parsnips behind onions, potatoes in background in pots, flowering.
Two grafted tomatoes with a non-grafted between them. Still experimenting how to keep tomatoes from blighting. Behind that bed are the asparagus.
I’m also experimenting w/cauliflower. This bed has 4 different varieties, one of which is heat tolerant…we’ll see.
Butternut squash. I run it over the top of the uncovered hoophouse - kinda fun to see it dangling from the rafters. :blush:
Growing lettuce under aluminet (doubled) so I can harvest it longer into the hot season. I just pulled peas from in front of it.
Just pulled cilantro from here. Celery straight ahead, spinach for seed on the left and cukes behind.
Hard to see but these are beans getting ready to go in where garlic will be pulled. When I see scapes, then I get these going so they are about 2-3" when garlic gets pulled and I just pop them in. These are 2 bush varieties. I’ll also put these in where the beets were pulled.
I’ve started more brassicas just to see if I can grow some though our heat, I’ve tried a few times before but maybe w/aluminet this time. Pest pressure on brassicas is huge but we’ll see. (The haunting mantra in my head “How will I know for sure unless I try it myself” :thinking: :blush:


Anne I give my tomato plants a quick spray of Immunox. No more blight.


Looks great as always Anne. I haven’t gotten broccoli or beets yet, probably a week or two away.

You’ve inspired me to try and let some of my spinach go to seed. I always yank it and it eat when the leaves start getting thin and pointy.


Just wanted to post few pictures of my veggie garden as of this evening. It looks like a war zone. I finished planting it today. Now I have to clean up the walkways. I promise it looks neater than this once I’m done planting and cleaning.

I pretty much had no spring garden this year. Groundhog destroyed it. I added few cold weather veggies again. Probably will not do any good as we are heading in to warmer weather now. But I’m hoping for a fantastic garden overall!


My garden mess!


Your garden looks fun, like a person could walk around finding interesting nooks and crannies. Looks like a fun garden to be a kid in. I like the red flowers.

Sad garden Most of corn didn’t come up. Replanted a bit. Beans tomatoes and potatoes doing well with some peppers


Hmm, what do you suppose happened to the corn?

I’ve had mine eaten by grackles and washed away in hard rain in previous years.

Netting already!

Almost time here to net the strawberries

No ideas on the corn. Tried a new variety (some hybrids). Probably wont try that again