Gardening in the news

I didn’t see a thread for this, so I figured I’d start one.


Essentially beneficial bacteria and fungi can create a ecosystem that destroy hazardous nematodes


Alright, who really wanted this one? Come on, fess up :thinking::joy:


Basically you are sharing click-bait sites posting old news.

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I’m sharing media sources with the community with topics that I found relevant which I feel might be relevant to the forum. The article I just shared was published August 12th 2022, so I’m not sure where your “old news” comment is directed. Most media sites these days choose to monetize with advertising instead of community funding because they are for profit organizations. This is a “gardening in the news” thread, not a “gardening in peer reviewed scientific journals” thread. If you would like to create that thread you are more than welcome to do so.


lol great response my friend. I appreciate the thread!


Here’s another click bait site for you all to enjoy!

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Tis true that much of CNN, Yahoo, Bing, etc., is just propaganda masquerading as news.
The topic of sorghum/milo being able to produce in drought conditions is
a useful option for a farmer to plant, but I doubt many farmers are reading
those types of stories…they have busy lives and they are more apt to be reading a farming publication with applicable news to their livlihoods.
Fruit Grower News, Progressive Farmer, maybe Acres or The Grit for entertainment…and many other industry specific publications. Bee journals for the beekeeper. American Vegetable Grower. Just getting started. USDA publications. Even the Old Farmers Almanac.

Can you please tell me where the “propaganda” is located in the article I shared? As you just said yourself, the one Richard commented on is relevant and a reasonable addition to the thread.

No, I didn’t dig deep enough in the posted article to quote a specific line.

But, if the only sources of "gardening news’ is Yahoo and New Scientist and CNN?
Don’t you sometime (?) read from more authoritative sources for gardening advice…or as Richard alleged, you got hooked by ‘click-bait’ that keeps you reading deeper and reading more…and their software knows that you like certain kinds of articles…so next time you go to their site, you get more along the same lines presented for you to click on.
Maybe you don’t see the connection.

My point, your source of material is suspect.

It (they) may not be wrong every time with every story.
But, for sure, there are no articles in those media you mention about the benefits of heating with firewood, the benefits of a new product from Bayer Chemicals, or how
hundreds of climatologists dispute that every weather event of note has a man-made carbon causation.

So, I’d encourage you and everyone to broaden your repertoire of sources for instruction and advice. Everything from the stock market newspapers to the BBC to Pennsylvania or Carolina Gardener…and, of course, include this forum (it has opinion and fact mixed also, but is generally a better authority than Yahoo or MSN!).

I don’t use the sources I have shared here for my main news sources. I also don’t actually think the “click bait” story I shared actually is “click bait”, that was just my humor coming through since I hadn’t heard back from Richard yet. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to share sources you deem reputable as long as they fit the category of “Gardening in the news”, Blueberry. I would be happy to have others share newsworthy topics, that is the point of the thread.

An aside, I know all about the technological advances in efficiently heating homes with firewood and have a friend who works for Covestro (formerly part of Bayer), so I’m up to speed there as much as anyone could be who isn’t an expert. But this isn’t the place for either of those topics, that would be the lounge.


I’ll leave you alone. But if the only “news” on gardening here is going to come from CNN, Yahoo, and New Scientist…then I do think it belongs in the Lounge. Maybe I’ll find some other sources, and contribute, but not at the moment.

I don’t understand how having relevant news from sources some dislike would be cause for a lounge topic. Gardening in the news certainly is relevant to the gardening subtopic regardless of the source, as long as the news shared is not fake news. I truly do appreciate your viewpoint and respect your opinion on the matter. Please share when you find something worthy!


Not enough food? Plant the land twice per season. While this is what I plan on doing with my garden by transitioning to cool weather crops, maybe this weekend, it’s probably one of those “looks great on paper” ideas. Obviously it’s not a new idea but not generally utilized.

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Plant soybeans. Plant cereal crop (wheat, barley, rye). Plant corn. That’s 3 crops in two years and is already common here. Then plant cereal crop, then soybeans again for 5 crops in three seasons.

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Bolivians are going to have a rough go this year. When I went there in 2015 1 USD~ 7 Bolivianos, so a 7x increase in food cost has to be a huge blow to the average person. I think the miners were making a relatively high wage at about $40/week at the time.

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