Gardening isn’t shut down, but


Totally :grinning:

Well i feel for ya buddy and appreciate your wife and what you guys are doing. I know she appreciates the food when she gets home! and a nice backrub if you can too. All our homegrown vegetables are so important especially right now and maybe a bonus of all this crap is that more people start valuing our food, farmers and growing our own food!


I sure hope people see the light on gardening. I totally agree! Thanks it is scary I won’t lie but their is honor in doing the right thing no matter what. I was only a med tech. My wife have saved so many people even one of my close friends. She truly is an angel. Once while we were in a bar a good friend of mine stopped breathing. She took over and she saved him. This was about 10 years ago and he is still my friend. Dave Mason a great guy, they don’t make them better. I am blessed with some exceptional friends. He is now retired but he was a special education teacher. He too is a special person. He helped the helpless, truly helpless that were compromised due to no fault of their own. He made their life better. I’m honored to be his friend. These bonds are forever. He’s my brother from another mother, and if he was female he would be my sister from a different mister!


Yep its a sobering experience although it may be easier if its less so :thinking:
Its definitely time for us all to tell everyone we love how much we appreciate them and contact people we have been thinking about. I have a lot of older people I very much care about that I hope are not affected by this. Its also time for our nation to buck up and do the right thing and get together for this and hopefully we also take some deep reflections on what we value.


awesome… I’ve emailed Burnt Ridge to see if I can get our order shipped earlier (typically BR ships to me around Mar 23rd-25th and it arrives around Apr 1-2). I figure I’d feel better if the plants were in my hands rather than potentially face long delays due to Corona…



When I asked Burnt Ridge to ship my plants earlier, they replied that early ship would void the 1 yr guarantee on trees. So I’m waiting till Apr.


Unless you have a lot of seed packages, who is to say gardening won’t also be shut down.

Saw some sixty-five dollar 3 gallon blueberry plants…nice looking…but they will be keeping those awhile at the nursery I would think.


Well that’s actually what I mean. A friend of mine posted on Facebook about all the gardening you can get done while you’re stuck at home, but if you can’t get plants…


I think all the mom/pop type garden centers will stay open. They can’t afford to lock the doors just because of a virus…like Walmart can.


Please call your mom and pop stores they will bring your plants outside and do orders over the phone. They very much need to sell plants and people very much need to plant plants right now. Its even worse for those with live plants as they need to care for them now. They have people there watering them and leave a message if you do not reach anyone with reduced hours. (as its really hard when you furlough your vulnerable employees keeping full hours)


I got a big bag of garden fertilizer last week, and I’m hoping I can pick up straw soon to plant the potatoes. But in that one week, so much has changed.


That’s good thinking. I feel like a dope for not figuring that out :expressionless:


You should not we all need to stick together and keep brainstorming!!


While we were in town yesterday, I thought it’d be a good idea to to pick up some seed potatoes at one of the local ag stores, Southern States. To our shock, the store was closed, out of business.

My wife, who has lived here most her life, said it had been here for a long time, so it was a surprise to see it shuttered. There are other Southern States stores in the area, but it was a bit of a shock to see that.

They seemed to be busy the times I was there, but maybe the Tractor Supply store in the same town hurt their business.


In California with the shelter in place the local nursery said that they are considered an essential business. Apparently the nurseries in the Bay Area were allowed to remain open, and most of them are sizable as to allow for social distancing. The local chain here in he Sacramento area said that they plan to remain open but that could change. In SF the city council had to allow for the reopening of marijuana dispensaries cause folks were freakin out and hoarding weed.:smiley_cat: So shelter in place unless you run out of pot.


I visited two Lowe’s and one Home Depot yesterday in the garden dept…and 5 private nurseries. And Thursday, another Lowes and another garden center. Few customers.
Early, but few customers. And lots of inventory, priced at prices well more than last year.

(Guess mostly I’ll wait until it’s marked down half price or buy nothing at all.)

If the situation gets worse, instead of better, a lot of businesses will be shuttered before the summer is out! (I’m not talking about a temporary closure.)


So not just closed for the “shutdown” but for good?


I feel for the mom and pop garden shops. One of the local ones I like had only 4 cars in the parking lot when it’s normally at 20-30 at this time of the year. They told me they were allowed to stay open because they promote agriculture, which is of course essential for life. I was getting nervous that I wouldn’t be able to buy my gardening supplies at this busy time of the year.


Yes, shutdown for good. As in, everything cleaned out of the store, and everything behind it, like where they kept fertilizer, trees, soil, fencing, etc.

We pulled up to see if there was a sign to say if they had moved, and there wasn’t anything.

I doubt they shut down because of the CV this soon. My guess is they were losing their battle with Tractor Supply. Even though, they are outside of town several miles.


That’s what I am doing with O’tooles to get my Autumn Blaze Maple this week.


O’tooles is a great place !!